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Nokia Android phone, Nokia E1 leaks in image & screenshot

It is now expected to see some real Nokia Android Phone leaks, as MWC 2017 is approaching. We have reported a lot about Nokia D1C. But we know Nokia D1C may not be the actual retail name of the smartphone. Nokia is also working on a range of Android smartphones other than Nokia D1C, which is a mid-ranger.

Now, time for some leaks from China again. A new smartphone with Nokia name and Android OS has been seen in couple of images. There is one screenshot that reveals the Nokia E1 name in evaluation.

These images resemble closely to one of the renders leaked earlier, which were supposed to show Nokia D1C.

Last we reported about real-life images of a Nokia smartphone from China and the fingerprint sensor seems to be similar to the other reader images. But the front camera position is different. So, either it is another variant of Nokia D1C or a new device altogether. If it is second variant of Nokia D1C, then Nokia D1C may come to market as Nokia E1 or else may be a different smartphone.

Nokia D1C may be the first ever Nokia Android Phone to come from HMD and it will target the mid-range price segment of the smartphone market. We exclusively reported about its two variants and their detailed specifications and we shared the tip about probable pricing.

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  • Fer

    It will be another Chinese brand, like adibas or sonya

  • Iain Simpson

    don’t really see anything special here, nothing new, looks like every other android phone. I wouldn’t touch anything other than a Pixel from now on for android.

  • Venkat Naraya

    Hope this time the pricing should not be like Lumia phones. Pricing is the key to succeed in Indian market.

  • Venkat Naraya

    There is no fingerprint sensor in the front.

  • Gohanks Yan

    About the nomenclature, i would think on:

    C series – for entry level
    D series – for mid range
    E series – for premium mid range
    N series – for high end

    with “letter + number” + XL to distinguish phablet from phone.

  • Gohanks Yan

    honestly, i just want carl zeiss

    • Rce

      Exactly,but this device pattern is not giving a good indication regarding that..

      • Rivanda Bakhtiar

        Well its hard because the contract already went to Microsoft, and everything about good old days nokia will never exist ever again, pureview, clearblack, glance etc etc, thats is Microsoft patet for now

        • Rce

          Pureview went to Microsoft not Carl Zeiss, Carl Zeiss is a different brand and they can sign contract with Nokia and anyone else..