We got our hands on some Nokia 9 cases and covers, though we are keeping the name of source anonymous as per our policy. Now, first thing you realize when you try to fit a Nokia 8 in this cover is how compact Nokia 9 actually is as compared to Nokia 8.

We tried to measure and estimate the height and width using a measuring scale and it seems Nokia 9 will have its height around 141-142 mm and width around 71 to 72 mm.This compares to 151.50 x 73.70 mm of Nokia 8. As once can expect it is much closer to the 141.2 x 71.45 mm of Nokia 7.

Then we tried to guesstimate the display using measurements from cover and comparing with images of the dummies. It seems the Nokia 9 display size will be around 123 mm:70 mm which makes it to have a diagonal display size of around 141 cm or 5.5-inch and at a 16:9 display ratio.

This sounds a bit surprising as most of us may have expected a display ratio of 18:9 but that doesn’t seem to be the case here as far as the calculations go. Having said that it may be wrong too as cases/covers are made according to the device’s size and not the display size.

But it certainly makes Nokia 9 a much more compact device than expected earlier. It may be quite slim too resulting into that slight camera bump.

We just reported that Nokia 9 may come with TA-1042, TA-1005, and TA-1009 product Codes. Though as per our sources don’t expect Nokia 9 arrival in 2017.

Nokia 9 Details:

As per the leaked images and a leaked display panel, Nokia 9 will sport an edge to edge 3D glass display and a virtually bezel-less design. We have heard from our sources that Nokia 9 will come with 6GB/8GB RAM, 128GB ROM, IP68 certification. The above image also possibly confirms a fingerprint scanner on the back just below the camera.

As per a tip received by us earlier, Nokia 9 may be price around EUR 749 in European markets. You can read all that we know about Nokia 9 at our dedicated Nokia 9 page.

Thanks to our source for sending us those Nokia 9 covers/cases in advance.