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Ultimate Flagship Nokia 9 to follow the affordable Flagship Nokia 8

Nokia 8, the upcoming flagship from HMD has leaked so many times and it can even get unveiled today, if the date on its official renders are any indication. But as per various sources, Nokia 8 will be generally available with only 4GB RAM, though same variant TA-1012 was caught with both 4GB and 6GB RAM earlier. So, may be it will have its own Arte Black kind of variant.

But if our sources have to be believed it seems HMD is planning to launch not one but two flagships targeted at different high-end price points. Nokia 8 is deemed to be the affordable flagship that will go against likes of OnePlus 5 and other so-called flagship killers. It will be powered by Snapdragon 835 and will also feature Dual-Lens Zeiss camera but will be priced around USD 549/599. You can check full details about Nokia 8 at our dedicated page.

Nokia 9, the ultimate flagship, on the other hand, will come with premium configuration which may see it coming with 6GB/8GB RAM. We earlier reported a Nokia phone with 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 835 under testing via Geekbench. Nokia 9 will have same camera module as of Nokia 8 but may come with 128GB ROM, IP68 certification and may probably feature an Iris scanner. We didn’t get confirmation about Edge to Edge display on Nokia 9, but we hear design wise it will be refreshingly different from the Nokia 8.

Nokia 9 will follow Nokia 8 in the release to market and will be much more expensive. As per a tip received by us earlier, Nokia 9 may be price around EUR 749 in European markets. In case of US this price may be around USD 699. The tip also mentions that in case of India, pricing may be sweeter around Rs 44999.

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  • Vasheck

    I must say that even if you scream at them that they are going bad way, it would nothing change; why? Because a company that is just crawling would do what they can do with what they have, remember is HMD AND NOT NOKIA, they don’t have the patents that nokia have!, the design is not breaking point but it would differentiate from other design that are imitating iphone design, it will take sometime finally see innovation

  • 777sasha3331

    Will they be released at the same time?

    • Kamal

      Probably not. Nokia 9 should come later than Nokia 8.

      • 777sasha3331

        On IFA 2017?

  • Gerrard Jr

    Hope this is true…
    personally i would like this nokia 8 with snapdragon 660 with $70-100 less with zeiss of course…

  • Wandile Tembe

    Welcome back Nokia we missed you. Thank the mobile gods for HMD going Android

  • Naman Varshney

    From where did u get this info regarding Nokia 9 any sources?

  • DBS

    “design wise it will be refreshingly different from the Nokia 8.”

    Since the Nokia 8 is just the Nokia 5 shell, that’s not hard. Though with such a precedent, I now wonder if the “refreshing design” will this time be the reuse of the Nokia 6 carcass…

    At this point, and if that Nokia 8 is real as leaked, I don’t care. And I certainly will not pay 750€ for a phone without an edge-to-edge display and, most importantly, wireless charging. And with stock Android on board and no root, it just makes it DOA.

    Currently we can get the Galaxy S8 in Europe for 600€. If the Nokia 9 comes with the leaked specs and nothing else other than what has leaked already, it won’t stand a chance. Not even with die-hard Nokia fans like me. Because it is simply a rip-off. If I can get a much better phone with much better features and software for 150€ less WHY would I pay 750€ for a worse one? Just because it has the Nokia brand in it?
    Yeah, that doesn’t work anymore. Nokia stood for true innovation. HMD so far has failed miserably to deliver that. And by the looks of it the Nokia 9 won’t be solving that problem either. Pity :

    • What if the leaked phone is Nokia 9 and not Nokia 8? 😛
      What is the use of that Edge to Edge display? It really reduces the durability and not at all usefull. Just a gimmick imo. 🙂 Yes! I too would like to see Nokia’s own skin on top. 🙂
      Yes! I agree. The innovation part is lacking in current Nokia phones. 🙁 Lets see what they bring with their flagships. 🙂 I just care for Camera. It should be better than everything out there. 😀 😛

      • DBS

        *knocksOnWood* In that case I’d want Sarvikas resignation on my desk by Monday if I were Nokia.

        Edge to edge display, as I understand it, is the 2:1 aspect ratio. The advantage of it being that for example a 5.5″ display could be put on a phone the size of an Xperia Compact. That’s hardly a gimmick. As someone who absolutely hates phablets, that’s a great way to please Greeks and Trojans.

        As for the camera… I’ll reserve judgement. Mainly because while Nokia was away, LG and Samsung severely stepped up their game. And with the lack of innovation at HMD alongside the will to continue using “pure Android”, I fear for the worse. We’ll see.

        • I don’t like those edge display. We can have long display without edge too. That improves the durablity of a device.
          I want to know other uses of edge display. plz explain. 🙂

          • Dileepa

            No need of edge to edge displays.
            Less bezels would be OK

          • DBS

            I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing. You’re thinking about the Galaxy Edge displays, aren’t you? The curved ones? Those are a gimmick, absolutely.

            I’m talking about edge-to-edge as for example in the G6. And that one, NO, it doesn’t have reduced durability. In fact, the phone is 810G military standard graded.

            Other benefits of the 2:1 displays are also the fact that things such as the keyboard for example don’t take up so much screen real estate.

            • Yes! I was thinking about Sammy edges 😛 I was about to mention G6 like displays are better but then i didn’t. Yes! I like G6 like edge to edge displays and i would love to see that in Nokia 9. 🙂 That would be a killer device. 🙂 Thanks
              Sammy has marketed EDGE very well LOL. 😛
              BTW we still don’t have enough content to be viewed in this aspect ratio. This will have to change

        • Lars

          The lack of small flagships doesn’t only have to do with the bigger screen, but also that you can’t fit all the high end stuff in a small phone so easily.

    • Muerte

      You have some valid points there. But one question. What do you mean when saying that, for example, Galaxy S8 has better software than Pixel-like Nokia-phones? You mean the Samsung bloatware makes it better?

      If the rumors are true, then Nokia8/9 will have custom camera UI etc…

      • DBS

        No. I mean features. For example, split screen view on the Galaxy line works much better (well, Google just copied it from Samsung anyway) because when you press the multitasking button and hold it, it divides the screen but on the bottom screen it shows you your list of apps or open apps so that you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to open the second app. Stock Android doesn’t do that.

        TouchWiz has a theme engine. Stock Android doesn’t.

        It’s this sort of things that make TouchWiz better than “pure Android”. Not the duplicate apps or tendency to redesign the UI.

        The Nokia 3, 5 and 6 already have a custom camera UI but it’s just as shitty as the Google camera UI. Far FAR from the camera app design and functionality of the Lumia line.