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Nokia 9 to have TA-1042, TA-1005 & TA-1009 codes, reveals new leak

A new leak originating in China reveals three Nokia 9 variants TA-1005, TA-1009 and the earlier certified TA-1042. The leak also claims that the earlier leaked TA-1054 is not Nokia 9 but Nokia 6 2018 version. The leakster has posted an image that reveals all product variant codes of Nokia 7 and Nokia 9 on Baidu in China.

As one can notice in the image above, these three Nokia 9 variants are shown to be Single-SIM variants. So, possibly there may be more Nokia 9 variants with Dual-SIM support too.

We exclusively reported via our sources that Nokia 9 will now be launched only in early 2018. There have been many leaks of Nokia 9 with the recent lot coming via many Nokia 9 dummy images leaking via listings of cases and covers in markets like the UK and the US.

Nokia 9 details:

As per various leaks, Nokia 9 will sport an edge to edge 3D glass display and a virtually bezel-less design. We have heard from our sources that Nokia 9 will come with 6GB/8GB RAM, 128GB ROM, IP68 certification. It will also have a fingerprint scanner on the back just below the camera.

As per a tip received by us earlier, Nokia 9 may be price around EUR 749 in European markets. You can read all that we know about Nokia 9 at our dedicated Nokia 9 page.

Thanks, Xio-Feng for the tip. Cheers!!

Source: BAIDU


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  • 777sasha3331

    Please say 16:9 or 18:9?

  • Tho M As

    The price tag you mentioned for sure is wrong (way too high).

    • Kamal

      $749 for a flagship is not too high. Others have $1000 for devices that have faulty designs. Though, frankly it is too early to talk about prices.

      • Tho M As

        You did not mention USD749 but EUR749, that alone is quite a difference. Having said that, even if the Nokia 9 would have been released this year it would compete with e.g. the Samsung S8 which already can be purchased for about EUR500. Next year the competition will be the S9, and the Nokia 9, technically spoken, is just a 2017 model. So according to HMD sources the price tag will be set at approx. EUR470 for the basic model, which indeed is pretty realistic.

        • Rob Beijendorf

          Saying $750 and €750 are both quite accurate, depending on which market you’re talking about. For the US market the dollar amount is usually right, while for European markets the Euro amount is usually the more accurate estimate.

          You’re also incorrectly comparing brand new devices with devices on sale. No company in the history of the world has ever priced their brand new products based on discounted older products on the market. That being said, even the Nokia 8 is giving the Samsung a run for its money, and is priced even lower than the discounted S8.

          There’s absolutely nothing suggesting the Nokia 9 will be a “2017 model”. It’s shaping up to be a very strong 2018 flagship contender. Thinking they’ll price their flagship lower than year-old flagships and their lower-end Nokia 8 model is nothing short of bonkers.

          • Tho M As

            Any price point has to be set according to the competition, no matter if any device is brand new or not. They are just too late with their 2017 model to compete with the upcoming 2018 models, so the price has to be set accordingly, it’s as simple as that. 749 € is nothing but a wet dream.

            • Rob Beijendorf

              And the competition comes from the 2018 smartphone flagships, not early-2017 flagships.

              You do realize smartphones takes about a year to design, develop and test before the reach the market, right? That doesn’t make them “a year old” once they actually hit the market. With the presumed design and specifications of the Nokia 9, it lands squarely in what’s expected of 2018 smartphones.

              • Tho M As

                It’s as well of not the slightest relevance how long it takes to develop anything. The Nokia 9 has 2017 specs, just face the facts, it’s an S8 competitor, nothing more, nothing less. Besides, the lower price is confirmed already, so any discussion is completely useless anyway.

                • Rob Beijendorf

                  A rumour from an unreliable source is not “confirmation”. And please, explain; what specifications are these you claim make it an “S8 competitor”?