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Nokia 8, Nokia 2, Nokia 3310 3G version & more: What to expect from HMD’s Aug 16 event??

HMD is going to reveal “the next milestone for Nokia Phones” at an event in London tomorrow. While we tried our best, due to unavailability of our Dutch Editor on Aug 16 we wouldn’t be able to make it to the event. Anyways, we will keep you updated with all that is going to happen during the event tomorrow.

So, what to expect in terms of announcements tomorrow?? Here is what we think can be unveiled by HMD tomorrow.

Nokia 8:

As the invite reads “to unveil the next milestone for Nokia Phones”, it is all but confirmed that Nokia 8 will be unveiled tomorrow.

Nokia 8 is deemed to be the affordable flagship that will be powered by Snapdragon 835 and will also feature Dual-Lens Zeiss camera on the back. It will also have 13MP front camera that will be able to shoot in 4K resolution. Nokia 8 camera will also come with unique imaging options, revealed another leak.

You can check full specs, pricing and other details of Nokia 8 at our dedicated page. Read our full Nokia 8 coverage by clicking here.

Nokia 2:

Not only HMD will reveal the highest-end Nokia Android Phone yet it will also extend the range below the existing portfolio and will launch Nokia 2.

The leaks so far reveal Nokia 2 design in official front and back images and processor details. It will be powered by Snapdragon 212 and may come with a 5-inch display.

Read our full Nokia 2 coverage by clicking here.

Nokia 3310 3G version:

Nokia 3310 3G version has not only passed FCC certification but has also been confirmed as coming by Three Ireland. It should be the third phone getting announced at August 16 event.

What Else:

Nokia 7 and Nokia 9 are two more smartphones that may be unveiled either tomorrow or may see an announcement later in 2017. Chances of unveiling at a later date is higher because Nokia 7 comes with a new Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 660 and may still be under active testing.

Nokia 9, the ultimate flagship may come along with Nokia 7 at a later date with super top-end features.

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  • apamau

    I really hope after nokia 8 introduced.. there’s a
    Oh, 1 more things, u know about pureview, we now present you, nokia pureview, the 41mp F1.7 you been dreaming for.

  • Fahmi Bassem

    NOKIA 2 is a Lumia 620 running android

    • Sahil Santosh

      640 you mean! Its 5 inch and a 640 replica!

  • 777sasha3331

    When Nokia 9 launch date?!

  • DBS

    “Nokia 9, the ultimate flagship”.

    The ONLY flagship. Because the Nokia 8 is NOT a flagship. It’s an overpriced mid-ranger. Just because it has a snapdragon 835 it doesn’t make it a flagship or an “affordable flagship” (this is a ridiculous concept that I will continue to fight into oblivion).
    A flagship is the phone that represents the best of the best a company can do. It’s the “everything and the kitchen sink phone”. If the Nokia 8 is the best HMD can do, then they aren’t very capable. A phone without wireless charging, without AMOLED, Glance, double tap, dedicated camera button, great cameras, powerful software is NOT a flagship. It’s a mid-ranger at best. Or a sh*t flagship at worse.

    The Nokia 8 will never compete with the G6 or S8. It will even have a hard time competing with the OnePlus – a phone no one actually cares about apart from enthusiasts.

    I honestly haven’t been so uninterested in a Nokia announcement as I am for tomorrows event. I can’t imagine a single thing HMD could do to make me even want the Nokia 8 or anything they’re announcing tomorrow. Unless of course they planted all these leaks and they blow our minds tomorrow with completely different offerings.

    • Arthur

      I am more interested in the price. If the looks prove to be true to the leaks, I won’t give it a second glance or consideration. The leaked images make it look worse than the latest domestic Chinese brands releasing lately. We get that Foxconn and the main ODM but HMD (as far as we know) is responsible for the design but so far not the 5, 6 or 3 have resembled anything remotely NOKIA, just another glass/aluminum sandwich slab, indistinguishable in the sea of Android devices on the market.

      • DBS

        The Nokia 3 is pretty much in line with old Nokia Lumia designs. Like a reashed version of the Lumia 925. The Nokia 5 and 6 just look like boring aluminium slabs, true.

        As for the price…if it comes above 400€ it’s immediately DOA.

    • kodekn

      “A phone without wireless charging, without AMOLED, Glance, double tap,
      dedicated camera button, great cameras, powerful software is NOT a

      Well, Nokia has certainly done all or most of the things you listed in their earlier phones so who knows if we’ll see them in Nokia 8. And obviously the manufacturer is HMD now. The company is practically still a start-up at this point so they have to tread carefully with their offerings.

      • DBS

        Precisely because Nokia did all of that, if this one doesn’t bring it, it’s not a flagship.
        And the Nokia 8 doesn’t bring any of that.

        – AMOLED: nop. From the leaks, it’s an LCD display.
        – Wireless charging: nop, it’s another cheap unibody aluminium phone. Qi charging is not possible in metal backs.
        – Great cameras: if they don’t bring OIS (and if the renders are accurate, the lenses are too close to bring it) and they continue to keep every camera2api locked, the cameras will be average at best
        – Powerful software: not happening as long as they continue with “Pure Android”. Stock Android is the most unfinished, un-featured version of Android out there.
        – Double tap and Glance… since HMD is doing “Pure Android” and “Pure Android” doesn’t support any of that, then it’s highly unlikely as well.

        HMD is a startup in name only. Just like OnePlus (who is actually owned by Oppo). All their employees came from Nokia and have years of experience in the business. Nokia itself created HMD. HMD has access to the entirety of Nokia’s patent portfolio and technologies. So no, being a fake start up will not give them a pass for continuing to release bland, uninteresting phones.

        • kodekn

          After having used a Samsung tablet with crapware you can’t uninstall for years I have no problems with a close to stock Android at all. And I have used Moto G with a stock Android for 3 years now. I don’t agree at all that a modified version of Android is only a plus in a phone. Nokia apparently has a dedicated camera app in their new Android phones which means they can certainly bring in anything else as well. Outside of Samsung’s offerings I’ve used modified versions of Android only briefly so I can’t really say anything about them. In reviews they are generally not that well liked, though.

          And I do understand what you’re saying but the reality is Nokia is taking baby steps back into the phone business. They are trying to minimize the damage if Nokia phones are not selling any more. BTW, I’m still hoping the screen will be AMOLED, mostly because I’ve missed the Always On kind of feature ever since moving from Nokia E7 first to Nokia N900 and then to Moto G.

          • DBS

            1 – First you confuse custom Android with bloatware. They are not the same thing. For example, the Lenovorolas come with a custom version of Android that does not add extra apps BUT it adds extra features. Same goes for the OnePlus Oxygen OS.
            Then you have the Samsung way of approaching things which ads everything. The version of Android used on Samsung phones is by far the best one available out there and it’s where Google keeps going to to rip-off features to add to stock Android. For example the split screen has been available on Samsung and LG for ages and Google has only added it on Android 7.0 (and even then they made a terrible version of it). But then Samsung goes and pre-loads a ton of crap into the phone as well. THAT is the part that “reviewers” don’t like when they talk about the software. BUT considering who sells more phones, it is very very clear that the average consumer couldn’t care less for the fact that Samsung fills their devices with crap.

            2 – Bloatware is very relative. For example, the Nokias also bring a sh*t ton of things pre-loaded that *I* don’t use and therefore *I* consider bloatware. For example, ALL of this is crapware to me.

            3 – I understand the baby steps. But HMD isn’t taking them. They’re following the same terrible path that led to the demise of Nokia’s D&S division. They’re releasing a ton of mediocre phones without anything special in them, that people can barely tell apart. The problem is that, whilst before they were working hard on trying to improve the OS in them (because the OS was incomplete), here they think saying it runs Android is enough to convince people. But it isn’t. They entered a market that is absolutely cut-throat and they’ve misjudged completely what people care about. No one apart from a bunch of nerds on tech websites gives a sh*t about Android updates. Specially if the phones already do everything they want – and they normally do because most people don’t use stock Android phones.
            So I maintain that having stock Android is a terrible decision.

            4 – Have you used Nokia’s stock camera app? No? Well let me tell you: it’s absolute garbage. And that’s likely to remain the fact until they completely update it with the Lumia interface and even then they will have to enable the camera2api features (present on Android since 5.0) which they haven’t.

            5 – You’re not getting an AMOLED display on the Nokia 5,8. Not if the leaks are real.

  • mehmet

    i want nokia 9

    • 777sasha3331