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Flagship Nokia 9 leaked design sketch reveals Carl-Zeiss Dual-Lens Camera.

We posted about possible Nokia 8 smartphone with Carl-Zeiss optics and we also heard a rumor claiming Dual-Camera at the back of upcoming Nokia Android Flagship. Now, the best of the possibilities is coming true if a leaked design sketch from China has to believed.

The leaked design sketch has been posted at Baidu by the same leakster Nokibar, responsible for many genuine leaks in the past. It shows Carl-Zeiss Dual-Lens Camera at the back. The back design is different from Nokia 3, 5 and 6. It has pillow-shaped back, a design frequently used in Lumia flagships. Frontal design however resembles to Nokia 6 with nearly similar Fingerprint sensor and touch button position.

The sketched design has been re-sketched by Nokibar (below) to present it in a better manner.

What we think is that we are having a look at the ultimate Nokia Android Flagship, Nokia 9 that runs on Snapdragon 835. As far as we know Nokia 8 doesn’t have Dual-Lens camera. Nokia 8 may be top-most mid-ranger with Snapdragon 660 and Carl-Zeiss optics but with single lens. We are in touch with our sources and will let you know more about it soon.

Thanks Xio-Feng for the tip. Cheers!!


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  • Arthur

    As someone who has been an Android user since the beginning, I have grown extremely tired of it and as much as I love Nokia, let’s face it, these new devices have no unique features be it in design or otherwise to set them apart from all others in the Android space.

    I wish Nokia have bought Jolla and used Sailfish OS on these new phones. Sailfish OS is such a breath of fresh air compared to iOS and Android of today. It is the best of the old Maemo and MeeGo efforts of the N900 and N9. Of course it would be an uphill battle against Android and iOS but since you can run Android apps in Sailfish, with enough capital and marketing, they could have created a nice niche for themselves and Nokia fans as a whole would be much more excited over that then having Nokia be just another Android OEM.

    • Kamal

      With sailfish HMD stands no chance at all. It will be same old Windows Phone mistake. HMD is no cash-rich entity but a start-up. They need to invest very wisely with Nokia brand. Also, Samsung with its all riches has not been able to make Tizen a success. So, even if HMD becomes successful in coming years, it may not gamble on Sailfish.

      • Arthur

        I didn’t mean for HMD to adopt Sailfish, I meant for the real Nokia who is now in very good financial state should be the ones coming back with Sailfish. The fact that Sailfish can run Android apps already puts it in a better state than the old Maemo/MeeGo or Windows Phone ever was in but Jolla doesn’t have the kind of capital needed to accelerate Sailfish development faster than it has the past few years. As far as Samsung with Tizen, that’s a very sensitive tightrope that Samsung is walking and their Galaxy success still hinges on Android and I don’t blame them for taking their time, milking Android for all it can give them before things really plateau and go backwards for them. Sailfish is every bit as good as the old Maemo/MeeGo with hints of webOS and Blackberry OS.

        • ram128GB

          If Nokia improved the Sailfish/maemo/meego back then when Apple iOS just started flooding market, they could’ve been an Android now. Seriously it is the only OS they have that could compete iOS that time. But due to their(Stephen Elop) foolishness, they keep pushing Symbian, chose the crap Windows Mobile for their smartphone and killed Meego.

          And for these days, it is impossible for HMD or even the real Nokia to gain success with Meego. Yes it can run Android apps, but without Google Play services, people will still get confuse and it will just ended up on Cyanogen/LineageOS. Plus, many people aren’t that techno-holic enough who knows how to flash something on their device just to make their Android apps works fine on Meego OS.

  • Manh nguyen duc

    Well not everyone is keen of plastic (polycarbonate)/glass/ceramic. Well I like polycarbonate for their sturdiness but sadly a flagship with pc body won’t sell well. I and many other would not mind not having Qi at all. It’s camera that will make or break this phone.

  • Dirtrot

    Ya… me why Iloved past nokia-lumias was the square design. if they look like that im passing im sick of the iphone galaxy clone design.

    • Stanr

      Sony has square design too.

  • DBS

    The leaked sketch (not the redesigned one) actually seems to show either two options or two phones. The sketch on the right looks like a stacked up dual camera set up with the Zeiss branding after and then the flash. However on the right you clearly have only two circles which indicates one lens and one flash hole. Which is what the redesigned sketch shows.

    In either of these cases I will probably end up NOT buying them. Why? One word: aluminium.

    If Nokia goes ahead with metal slabs for the flagships as well – making them indistinguishable from their low end models – then that means they will also be compromising on things like wireless charging.
    And I’m sorry but it’s 2017. I will NOT buy a flagship phone without Qi charging, no matter who the OEM is. I haven’t plugged a phone to a cable charger since 2012 and I sure as Hell won’t be going back 5 years.
    Well, not to mention that aluminium is NOT a premium material…which is what you expect on a flagship phone with a premium price tag.

    I also don’t love the curved design BUT these things always tend to look better in the end.

    Unfortunately, between the sh*tshow that is stock Android and the apparently excessive compromises of these planned flagships, I think I will be forced to skip the 1st generation of Nokia Androids. Because absolutely none of them has shaped up or apparently is going to shape up in any way that they can beat the Galaxy S7.
    And if a late 2017 Nokia flagship can’t beat an early 2016 Samsung flagship, then things aren’t looking to bright for me…or Nokia.

    • Harshal Ghuge

      Hey that was quite an opinion and here’s mine “F*ck You Buddy” Dont you think you are being too hard on first generation Nokia phones. Samsung phones sucked until they changed the design in S6.So, technically it took samsung 5 generations of galaxy, to make it right. And I think people under Nokia know better about their design choices than enjoy your S7..Nobody wants your boring opinion about wireless charging.
      Nokia 6 is very well designed phone. A premium mid ranger with rugged and tough build(which is rare now a days).I’m impressed with it, and I like where they are going.

      • DBS

        I won’t even bother to answer someone with the education of an undeveloped baboon like you.

        • Razor

          But the design could change. The only option from nokia is to choose glass over metal which will allow them to use wireless charging. Anyway let’s just wait and see what the final design will look like and then judge whether the phone is worth buying or not. Let’s not jump to final conclusion just yet.

          • DBS

            I don’t have a problem with the design itself but rather the choice of materials. On a 200€ phone aluminium is a good choice and offers value for money. On a 650€-800€ flagship it’s inadmissible.
            Based on the designs leaked the flagships will also be unibody aluminium. As I’ve written, my opinion is based on what has leaked so far.

            Except when it comes to stock Android. That one will be sh*t even after release because stock Android itself is barely any more usable than Windows Phone. The only advantage is it has apps. However on Android “having apps” isn’t a competing factor.

      • Look back at similarly priced Nokia devices from the past and then say me which looks better than Nokia 6. I agree with what he said above. I to don’t like aluminium on phones. Wireless charging was introduced by Nokia on their Nokia Lumia 920. Even Nokia Lumia 720 could support wireless charging which is similarly priced as current Nokia 6. The designs of present Nokia phones didn’t impress me at all. They look like just another Android phones. Even colourful Lumia’s of past which were made out of polycarbonate look better than there phones. I would have preferred that design. 🙂