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Top mid-ranger Nokia 7 / 8 under testing with Snapdragon 660, new metal body

Nokia fans are eagerly waiting for the Nokia Android flagship smartphone, that has been rumored as Nokia 9, Nokia P1 and even Nokia 8. Though if a recent tip from our sources need to be taken into account, it seems Nokia 8  and Nokia 7 may be two top mid-rangers in overall Nokia Android Phones portfolio. Though they also admit this is too early to imagine the retail names really.

What is common among these two mid-rangers is the core processor Snapdragon 660. One of them has a 1080p display while second one has a QHD display. Display size wise they may be bit different with one with 1080p resolution display slightly smaller display.

What is also noteworthy is a new metallic body design for what can be Nokia 7 / Nokia 8. Expect thinner bezels and a new uni-body frame. Camera design will be different too with a changed back design.

Both smartphones will pack Fast Charging, Fingerprint scanners, improved and bigger camera sensors (Nokia 8 may feature Carl-Zeiss optics, yet to confirm). We will report more about Nokia 7 and 8 as we come to know more.

Nokia 7 and 8 Price & Release Date:

We will let you know once we come to know more about Nokia 7 and 8 pricing from our sources.

HMD is planning to launch 6-7 Nokia Android Phones in year 2017. We have already seen Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 going official. But seems we will see a full product portfolio touching all major price points.

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  • johala02

    I guess the rumours make sense, they started at the low end and going up slowly with some more high speced devices.
    Building up new partnerships with carriers, dealers, distribution etc.. will take time for HMD Global.
    My bet are they will show a real Nokia “flagship” with Snapdragon 835 or MediaTek Helio X30 in some event with a lot of journalists and coverage.

    Like IFA Germany in september.

  • DBS

    At this point, I’ve decided to not buy any flagship from Nokia this year. There’s just to much missing in these phones that make them absolutely unattractive for someone who, like me, is using the S7.

    All these phones Nokia is preparing lack basic things like Qi charging. And with the crap that is stock Android and absolutely zero indication that Nokia intends to fix all its shortcomings, I simply rather keep my money. I wish them the best but if they don’t present a phone with at least the same hardware and software features as the S7, I have no reason to buy it.

    • Gerrard Jr

      most people are happy with stock android…nokia cannot please everyone!!

      • DBS

        That’s absolutely false actually. Sales prove it. Which devices run stock Android? The defunct Nexus line, the defunct Motorola phones and the iPixels. ALL OF THEM FLOPS.
        Which phones sell the most? Samsungs, Huaweis, LGs, Sony’s, etc. ALL of them WITHOUT stock Android.

        So yeah. Nokia is set to please very few with stock Android as most people AREN’T happy with the most incomplete version of the OS available.

        • John Jennings

          With respect, I don’t think you can attribute the differential in sales that you mention to subtle differences in the OS. I would argue that most consumers aren’t even really aware what OS their device is running, let alone whether it is ‘pure’ or not. Samsung and Sony sell devices that look good and are well marketed. Pixel sales have been low because they are so expensive.

          • DBS

            Well, Gerrard claimed people preferred stock Android. I just provided evidence that that’s false.

            People try the phones in the stores. They see what they can and can’t do. Nokia is trying to sell the phones based only on the brand. They offer nothing special in them if we’re realistic.

            They claim to use stock Android because of updates but the truth is that general consumers don’t care for updates. Many don’t even like them. And neither do they care for stock Android. The only people who care for both are Google fanboys.

            • NOKIA

              fuck u DBS who u think u are and what is your problem with nokia the company don’t have enough money to bring more apps into there phones that is why they are running on stock android. I am beding u in the next 5 years nokia will be number 1 smartphone in the world

              • DBS

                Try to give yourself a name, coward.

    • Nguyen Manh

      I would pass wireless charging- until they make it truly wireless. Camera is what I’am looking for. No more hype but I’ll watch Nokia from distance and wish it best wishes.

      • DBS

        I assume by “truly wireless” you mean without the need for a pad to sit the phone upon? Yeah that will be awesome BUT until then, I don’t buy phones without the normal wireless charging (and there’s already fast wireless charging). I haven’t plugged a power cable to a phone since 2012 and I sure as hell won’t be going to pre-2012 days just because Nokia is skipping on technology and trying to sell phones based solely on the Nokia brand.

        I’ve reached out to the developing team at HMD to try to put some sense into their heads but I know I alone won’t be able to determine the path forward.

  • 777sasha3331

    Flagship Nokia device on 660 Snapdragon or 835?!

    • Kamal

      SD 835 only. SD 660 for top mid-rangers.