HMD launched Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and Nokia 3310 at MWC 2017 and as confirmed by our sources skipped launch of any higher-end smartphones. Our sources had confirmed that Nokia Flagship Android Phones will skip MWC and would not come to market before late Q2 2017 or early Q3 2017.

Now, rumors about Nokia Android flagships are not new and we have heard a lot about Nokia P1 and Nokia 8 and most of times they have fallen flat. But all these rumors derive from our original leak that reported two Flagship Nokia Android Phones in works.

Now, a new rumor has been posted in China and it again repeats most of what we have reported but also claims a 23 MP Dual-Camera at the back. The rumor as expected talks about a June launch for flagships. Snapdragon 835 which is very likely is also mentioned. The rumor confirms our original report of two flagships with 4GB and 6 GB RAM respectively.

We will be in touch with our sources and will try to validate this Dual-Camera rumor along with other tidbits. Stay tuned!!

Thanks Xio-Feng for the tip. Cheers!!