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POV: Why HMD must talk about Nokia 8 & Nokia 9 at MWC 2017?

We have reported earlier that HMD mayn’t really talk about high-end Nokia 8 / Nokia 9 at MWC 2017, forget about launching them. This is from our sources with familiarity to HMD’s plans. What we hear is Nokia Android Flagships may not come to market before late Q2 2017 -early Q3 2017 and may not see a launch at MWC 2017. But this may change or rather should change, because not mentioning the flagship Nokia Android Phones will be really disappointing for the Nokia fans.

While Nokia 6 has won laurels and some sale traction in China, it can’t be denied that Flagships spearhead your assault in the war of smartphones. HMD is following the same old Nokia strategy of catering to all feasible price points with many devices. But the management team must understand that not talking or teasing about Flagships leaves many prospective customers high and dry. Flagships are not only important for the sake of margins but also many judge the whole portfolio with what the vendor has to offer at the top of the lineup.

Again, what I am writing here is with the assumption of what I have heard about. May be HMD has better plans and may instead launch the Nokia 8 / Nokia 9 with a release date set in future. It is not sane to release a half-baked product in market and earn ire of customers, but a teaser / small mention should do.

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Please weigh in with your views in the comments section below.

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  • Yogi Barista

    Access to the 835 is going to be the issue, and it would not be surprising if Samsung are placing conditions on what Nokia (and other OEMs) can announce in that regard, as the S8 is already slated to have sole access of initial 835 production. They may be better served to wait until after the S8 is announced, and ensure that their flagship phone is not obliterated by the Samsung media hype.

  • johala02

    I guess its a high risk to release a flagship device for HMD Global now. They have not the resources of Samsung, Apple or Huawei if it not selling well, or be a failure of some kind..
    They must build up distributions with carriers and dealers like a startup company.So I think they probably play it safe and start on the low end and going up from there. I suppose they could talk about high end phones with partners, dealers etc..
    And the Nokia brand have lost a lot of trust with the Microsoft/Windows adventure to.
    In general I think its a bad idea to announce devices that are not sold almost instantly.

    I think a more realistic scenario with a Nokia flagship are more close to the IFA event in Germany later this year.

  • Chuck

    I dont think Nokia will show its flagship at this conference. Three is the perfect number and the attention will be focused on the remake of the 3310. Probably they will finish the show saying: the best will be released only later this year, be aware: Nokia 8 will be brilliant! You wont be disappointed at all!

    And the wow effect will start..

  • DBS

    I’ve already talked about this on another post, so I don’t want to repeat myself.
    However, there’s something I would like to add: it’s NOT HMD that will be presenting the phones at MWC. In fact, the conference on the 26th will be held by Nokia Technologies itself, not HMD. They will be presenting an array of products, from VR to Health stuff (maybe the first Nokia branded Withings stuff) to mobile phones.

    So there might lie why they are supposedly not presenting the flagships at MWC.

    But I do agree it’s a mistake not to mention it. In fact, they should take the chance to openly shoot at Samsung. IF they can’t get the SD835 because of Samsung’s deal with Qualcomm, then Nokia should make it perfectly clear to everyone that they HAD to delay the phones in order to offer the best to their consumers BECAUSE of Samsung. With the exploding Note 7 and the heir to Samsung arrested in South Korea, Nokia has here a great opportunity to torpedo Samsung to the ground with consumers. That’s a more aggressive tactic than Nokia normally uses, sure, but Android is a market where you HAVE to always try to draw first blood.

  • apamau

    Though i agreed with what most nokia Fans would like to here and see. But I think nokia know if they were to launch something which is not too far away from samsung, there’s nothing much to brag about.
    At the same time,if the launch something and you can only get it 5 to 6 months from now, which S8 gonna take all the 835 cpu for their launch, nothing left for small player like G6 and Nokia, that’s gonna be worst. So, maybe they will wait till June, have more time to put more juice to their flagship.

    Looking at all the leak, seriously, if it’s just a 22mp camera, no matter how good, it is as good as it get. i still think one model should be the upgraded 41MP. with that zoom, then we can talk.

    • Kamal

      It will be interesting to see what HMD decides finally. But 41 MP sensor is not a possibility afaik.

  • Doug MacFarland

    They ‘must’ or rather, should. The leaked devices was a let down. Even if they cannot sell the device due to Samsung’s stranglehold on the chips, HMD should still show off the device at MWC. I’m certain a lot of us wouldn’t mind waiting to purchase the device.

    • Kamal

      Exactly, they should still show off ’em at MWC. But leaked or announced devices cater to mid-range and low-end, so we can’t term them as let down.