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POV: Why HMD must talk about Nokia 8 & Nokia 9 at MWC 2017?


We have reported earlier that HMD mayn’t really talk about high-end Nokia 8 / Nokia 9 at MWC 2017, forget about launching them. This is from our sources with familiarity to HMD’s plans. What we hear is Nokia Android Flagships may not come to market before late Q2 2017 -early Q3 2017 and may not see a launch at MWC 2017. But this may change or rather should change, because not mentioning the flagship Nokia Android Phones will be really disappointing for the Nokia fans.

While Nokia 6 has won laurels and some sale traction in China, it can’t be denied that Flagships spearhead your assault in the war of smartphones. HMD is following the same old Nokia strategy of catering to all feasible price points with many devices. But the management team must understand that not talking or teasing about Flagships leaves many prospective customers high and dry. Flagships are not only important for the sake of margins but also many judge the whole portfolio with what the vendor has to offer at the top of the lineup.

Again, what I am writing here is with the assumption of what I have heard about. May be HMD has better plans and may instead launch the Nokia 8 / Nokia 9 with a release date set in future. It is not sane to release a half-baked product in market and earn ire of customers, but a teaser / small mention should do.

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