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Nokia 5.4 vs Nokia 5.3: Worth the upgrade?


Nokia 5.4 was recently launched as the successor to Nokia 5.3 just six months in its launch. So, pricing wise Nokia 5.4 and Nokia 5.3 are still not very different. In fact in markets like India there is just a difference of INR 1000 (USD 14) between the two. So, many have this question in mind. Is Nokia 5.4 a worthy upgrade to Nokia 5.3, or is it worth paying that extra amount?

Let us first take a look at the features in which Nokia 5.4 clearly is better than Nokia 5.3, as per our evaluation.

Nokia 5.4 has much improved cameras over Nokia 5.3:

Not only Nokia 5.4 features beefier rear and front cameras specs wise than Nokia 5.3, the imaging quality improvements are easily noticeable too. Read our Nokia 5.4 camera review that includes comparison against Nokia 5.3 camera too by clicking here.

Nokia 5.4 camera also brings new features like OZO Audio and Cinema mode not available on Nokia 5.3.

Nokia 5.4 feels more premium design wise:

Nokia 5.4 features nano-textured back and punch-hole display. Both offer it a more premium and even more robust feel as compared to Nokia 5.3. Check our comparison video below.

Nokia 5.4 has better audio & comparable to slightly better performance:

Nokia 5.4 to Nokia 5.3 comparison show comparable to slightly better performance in Nokia 5.4. Audio quality wise Nokia 5.4 noticeably has upper hand over Nokia 5.3.

Where Nokia 5.4 and Nokia 5.3 are similar:

In other aspects both Nokia 5.3 and Nokia 5.4 are much comparable. Both have very good battery lives. Call quality is excellent on both. Display quality wise also both are very similar though the punch-hole display of Nokia 5.4 may have more takers now. Optimized Android 10 works like charm on both.

Our take:

So, keeping in mind the minor difference in Nokia 5.4 and Nokia 5.3 pricing, it is perhaps no-brainer to go for Nokia 5.4 for that much improve camera experience alone. Other advantages like design, punch-hole display and audio quality improvements are like icing on the cake.

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