Nokia 5.4, the successor to Nokia 5.3 is the latest Nokia Android smartphone in premium range. It sports a 48MP quad-camera setup. The phone has just been launched in India and we had started posting our hands-on video coverage of Nokia 5.4.

Now time for our detailed Nokia 5.4 rear and front cameras review. In this article, we will review the Nokia 5.4 cameras and will also compare them against the Nokia 5.3 camera to assess how it fares in terms of imaging quality.

For your information here are the Nokia 5.4 rear camera specs,

  • Rear cameras 48 MP + 2 MP depth + 5 MP ultrawide + 2 MP macro
  • Rear flash LED
  • Front-facing camera 16 MP
  • Cinema mode, Image stabilization, OZO spatial audio and wind noise cancellation for videos

Nokia 5.4 vs Nokia 5.3 Imaging comparison:

In crop comparison sets below, Nokia 5.4 100% image crop is on the top followed by Nokia 5.3 100% image crop. Click here for the full-size images if you want to compare yourself. These images are without auto-scene detection to assess the camera capabilities in the Photo mode.

Set 1


One can clearly notice that Nokia 5.4 images have more resolved details. Both cameras however capture accurate and similar colors. When we had compared Nokia 5.3 to Nokia 8.1 we found that it captured comparable details to the Nokia 8.1 camera. So, Nokia 5.4 camera seems to be quite capable.

Nokia 5.4 Bokeh, Portrait and Macro imaging:

Nokia 5.4 captures some great bokeh samples with main camera. While we said the same for Nokia 5.3 camera too, you can check how Nokia 5.4 camera is superior in samples below.

Nokia 5.4 sample:

Nokia 5.3 sample:

Portrait mode is another strong point of the Nokia 5.4 camera. Check the sample below captured in portrait mode.

Nokia 5.4 can capture really close macro images in photo mode. The first image shows the actual size of flowers.

But it can go even closer in the Macro mode and do wonders.

Nokia 5.4 normal vs wide-angle mode:

Nokia 5.4 has a ultra-wide camera too that helps in capturing 118-deg ultra-wide samples.

This is the normal view captured with the main camera.

Here is the ultra-wide sample of the above view.

Nokia 5.4 color capturing samples:

Nokia 5.4 keeps colors accurate as real-life but adds a bit of vibrancy to images it captures in some cases. But the results are consistent when one talks about color-reproduction.

Nokia 5.4 vs Nokia 5.3 front camera comparison:

Nokia 5.4 front camera performs better than Nokia 5.3 camera in both normal and portrait modes.

Nokia 5.4 FFC sample:

Nokia 5.3 FFC sample:

Nokia 5.4 Portrait FFC sample:

Nokia 5.3 Portrait FFC sample:

Nokia 5.4 vs Nokia 5.3 and low-light vs Night mode:

This image was captured by Nokia 5.4 in almost dark conditions in normal photo mode without flash and without scene-detection on.

Same scene captured by Nokia 5.3.

Night Mode: This is how the same scene looks like when captured in Night Mode with Nokia 5.4.

Nokia 5.3 night mode capture of the same scene.

More samples,

Without flash & Night mode

With Night mode

Nokia 5.4 low-light normal vs Night mode vs flash:

Normal mode:

Night Mode:

With Flash:

Nokia 5.4 daylight & low-light video recording:

Video samples from Nokia 5.4 in both daylight (1080p-30fps and 1080p-60fps) and low-light conditions are provided below.

And there is a “Cinema mode” too. Check a sample captured in Cinema mode below.

If you check the daylight video samples, Nokia 5.3 camera performs well in terms of detail capture, contrast but the exposure may need a bit of improvement especially when lighting is intense. But when it comes to stabilization, Nokia 5.4 camera is a solid performer. The 1080p-60fps capturing offers visibly better quality. The OZO audio capture is certainly a great addition and performs very well.

In terms of low-light video recording, Nokia 5.4 camera performs very well. It is better than Nokia 5.3 camera in terms of capturing more light, focusing better and also in terms of video stabilization.

Comparison Conclusion & Final camera review:

Nokia 5.4 rear camera performance is the next big jump for mid-range Nokia smartphones. Nokia 5.3 camera performance was a pleasant surprise for us but Nokia 5.4 camera packs much more punch in stills imaging. The 48MP sensor provides ample amount of resolved details with accurate colors in most of the cases.

We must mention that the camera is really good at capturing Bokeh, Portrait and closeup macro images that will make you happy. The ultra-wide camera is also a great addition for capturing landscapes and provides really good results.

Nokia 5.4 front camera is also a solid performer. If you compare with Nokia 5.3 front camera results you will be able to notice the difference in imaging quality easily.

In low-light too, Nokia 5.4 rear camera is just superior to the Nokia 5.3 camera. It captures more illuminated images in both normal and night modes. Night mode is much faster and is a improved version of the Night mode available on older Nokia smartphones.

Default 1080p-30fps video capture while good can still be adjusted for better exposure. The imaging stabilization works well and takes care of movements while capturing videos. The 1080p-60fps recording provides better results in terms of details and exposure. The low-light videos also come more illuminated and stable if compared to Nokia 5.3 sample.

Nokia 5.4 camera takes the Nokia mid-range smartphone camera game several notches above. Both rear and front cameras provide stellar results. We recommend it as a generally capable smartphone camera and as a solid upgrade over Nokia 5.3 camera with clearly visible results. Click here for the full-size images if you want to evaluate and compare yourself.

nokia-5-4-detailed-camera-review-comparison-vs-nokia-5-3-camera-full-size-samples-videos-10006Nokia 5.4 camera takes the Nokia mid-range smartphone camera game several notches above. Both rear and front cameras provide stellar results. We recommend it as a generally capable smartphone camera and as a solid upgrade over Nokia 5.3 camera with clearly visible results.