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Sometimes stats give very useful insight into predicting the future trend of things!! The Nokia account MAU stats is such an interesting stats, which directly tells about the growth in Nokia account users who have created the account via Facebook. Last we had a look, the MAU showed a growth of 52% from 1st of April to 31st May.


Even in last 15 days (From 1st June to 15th June) the growth has not stalled and the MAU has grown by 12% points. Due to this, the MAU has grown by almost 65% from 1st of April to 15th June.


So, the quarter is yet not complete and the growth of 65% has been registered in MAU of Nokia accounts. So, if we extrapolate the data for last 15 days it can reach to a mighty impressive, 75-77% growth for the full quarter.

It is well-known fact that for availing of Nokia exclusive services on Lumias, Ashas and  Symbian one needs to configure Nokia account and it can be done via both Facebook or by using other mail. So, this is still not the complete picture, but nonetheless very impressive!! Symbian is on decline and Asha 501 is still not out, so, most of it should come from Lumias. Seems Q2 is gonna bring some cheer to Nokia fans and investors!!


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