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So, Sony Xperia Z1 meets its real Nokia competition after attempts by some to pit it against mighty Lumia 1020.Unleashthephones” have done an extensive shootout between Lumia 925 and Sony Xperia Z1. Now, many fans would like to see Sony’s 20 MP sensor wonder phone crushing Lumia 925. But, in reality Lumia 925 seems producing sharper and more detailed image consistently than the Sony flagship. Check some of the crop comparisons from the shootout  below.9734126325_b8002d0193_z 9737361184_5bba8365f5_z 9737361382_ce628f12ba_z 9737361426_99b18da453_zSo, few take aways from the shootout,

  • In most of the case Lumia 925 gives sharper and more detailed images than Xperia Z1.
  • Xperia Z1 images have saturated colors while Lumia 925 goes for colder realistic looking tones.
  • In low light Lumia 925 captures more light and gives brighter images.
  • As we know color tone and brightness are more of a personal choice, but Lumia 925 impresses here is in rendering sharper and detailed images which can be modified for color tones and brightness later.

So, we can safely say, Sony still has some work to do in challenging Nokia’s imaging supremacy, forget about overtaking it. Also, it again reminds us of how much capable that 6-element lens camera is on Lumia 925. Xperia Z1 is not a bad camera but still needs some more hardware power like OIS as in case of video and low-light capture this certainly helps.

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