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RM-927 was revealed by Adduplex as Verizon bound Nokia Phablet variant with 1080p resolution.



Now, It has silently passed through FCC today with Verizon’s CDMA and LTE frequencies as shown below.freq The size of the device as captured in the exhibits also reveals to be 137 x 71 mm which makes it largest Lumia yet as Lumia 625 with 4.7 inch screen is 133 x 72 mm in comparison. So, though it may not be 6-inch in size as AT&T bound Lumia 1520 is revealed to be, but it can certainly have 5 inch screen size. sizeToday’s leaked white Verizon bound Lumia with 20 MP camera also somehow didn’t look that big and even its camera and flash positions are different. So, this gives rise to two interestingĀ  possibilities.

  • Verizon bound Lumia 1520 variant may be smaller in size than AT&T bound variant
  • It passing through FCC first may highlight the fact that it may be announced for Verizon first
  • It will be thicker than AT&T bound Lumia 1520, and that’s why there isĀ  no noticeable camera hump in below image.

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