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Lumia 1020 meets a new contender in Sony Xperia Z1 and results are not that different. Lumia 1020 wins with more detail capture in daylight and more light capture in low-light images. But, the way the shootout has been conducted may raise few eyebrows. Lumia 1020’s full-res images have been compared with 8 MP Xperia Z1 images. In some images lighting conditions are different. In some zoom level seems different. Even the focus seems issue in one. Perhaps it could have been better to capture many sets with Lumia 1020 at 5 MP and Sony at 8 MP, so that a better comparison could have been done.

In the above image set Lumia 1020 on top and, in below set on the left.

Anyways, reviewer also agrees Lumia 1020 providing more details. In low-light, Lumia 1020 provides more usable image yet again. Reviewer also says that Lumia 1020 wins in even video capture.

The large 41MP sensor on the Lumia tends to give you more zoom or detail in your images as you can see from the few images that we have cropped at 1:1 ratio.

I’ve also been asked how the video quality compares between the two and from my preliminary tests, the Nokia Lumia 1020 seems better.

low-lightIn the meantime, we will wait some better done shootouts as to assess the margin with which Lumia 1020 beats Sony Xperia Z1.

Thanks Mint1 for the Tip.

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