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Lumia 920 takes sharper and more detailed images than Lumia 925 (both using Pro camera app) post Amber update.

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AAWP has done an imaging comparison between post Amber Lumia 920 and Lumia 925 which was released running Amber. Now, we know Lumia 925 has that six-element lens for better sharpness. So, what do one expect? Obviously that Lumia 920 imaging will improve but still will not be as good as Lumia 925. Then, be ready for a surprise!! In fact Lumia 920 is now taking sharper and more detailed images than Lumia 925.

Check the crop comparison done by us using images from AAWP article. Both images have been capture using “pro camera” on both the devices. Lumia 920 crop is on top and Lumia 925 crop is at bottom. The difference is really significant. Seems, with latest Amber update Lumia 920 got even more advanced “imaging algorithms” than those on Lumia 925.

Lumia 920 vs Lumia 925

Check one more crop comparison below and it demonstrates again the difference in sharpness. Surprisingly Lumia 920 images now look less saturated than Lumia 925 images while before Amber it was vice-versa.


Here are the full-size images,

Lumia 920:golf-920Lumia 925: golf-925 Read more, click here.

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