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While this may be no special news that Nokia and Microsoft are working very closely nowadays. But, seems Nokia’s head of smartphones Jo Harlow has stressed on the need of “both partners to grow” in an interview with WSJ. According to her, both companies have already taken important steps to work more closely with the marketing and design of the Lumia smartphones. She gave example of Lumia 928 launch at Verizon, where MS has been equally active in promoting the device.

“This is a partnership, and as a partner we must pursue both growth,” said the manager, who is one of the closest confidants of Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. Starting the Windows operating system had 8 last year, Nokia’s product offensive boost the heels of the Lumia . however, it must still be done.

To praise the co-promotion, they pointed to the launch of the Lumia 928, which is in the shops of the U.S. mobile operator Verizon. One step on the closed, have shown that the recent campaigns by Microsoft and Nokia.

“We need a better perception of Windows Phone and the Lumia, we need a broader range of application programs,” said Harlow. She added that Nokia and Microsoft need to focus on to create a range of products that attracts attention.

Also to stress on the software-hardware partnership she mention Lumia 1020 as an example of increased cooperation between Nokia and MS. She also mentioned more products and innovations arising out of the partnership.

The new smartphone will find among other things with his skills in photos and videos at the customer appeal. There is equipped with a high-quality lens and improved software.

“Of these, we will see more,” said the manager. “We will in the future very closely work together with our products and innovations that go into these products. Both of which have something.”

Actually, even we have several times applauded MS for promoting recently launched Lumias like 928, 925 and 1020 and also for the recent apps momentum. But, still feel that the fast-paced delivery of those essential features which make platform stronger and more appealing needs to be taken on priority by MS.



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