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Is that the “MicroSD card slot” on Lumia 928? Gallery of all Lumia 928 leaked and compariosn with Lumia 920 images.

   poster_lumia_lowlightWhile creating a gallery of all Lumia 928 press shots and the comparison with Lumia 920 images created by us, we couldn’t help but notice that extra slot/tray on Lumia 928 in the above image. This image has come out for the first time and that too on Official Lumia 928 teaser page. So, from left, you have SIM tray, USB slot and then MicroSD card slot and then “headphone jack“? So, may be earlier rumors were right about Lumia 928 coming with expandable storage.

Ok, now time to have a look at earlier leaked images of Lumia 928 and also size and design comparison with Lumia 920.While many rumors put Lumia 928 to be thicker than Lumia 920, we were always sure due to these comparisons that it will be slimmer than Lumia 920.

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  • file manager available or not ,video song sharing available or not via Bluetooth , hd video-player available or not plz tell me

  • Honestly, they really need this. Reason being, 16 gigs is not enough. EVER. I currently have 16 gigs and no micro SD, let me tell you… it is no fun having to delete and delete and make room over and over and over and over and over……

  • Diazene

    do where’s the microSIM card slot?

    • Can you see the little pin hole towards the other corner? After the MicroUSB port? 😀

      That’s the SIM tray 🙂

  • Quite Sharp Eyes, Kamal 😀

  • I think that other render is the 41 MP Lumia.

    • Which one? :O

      • George Miguel

        The one up there with the xenon and LED flash.