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So, time for a new challenger for Lumia 1020 and this time it is from house of Apple. Yup, we are talking about iPhone 5s and though Engadget has said in their review that Lumia 1020 takes less noisy and more detailed images than iPhone 5S, but it is much better to let images do the talking. We got full-size imaged (5 MP for Lumia 1020) from a shootout of iPhone 5s vs. iPhone 5 vs. HTC One vs. Lumia 1020 vs. Galaxy S4 done by CNET. And, as always we will present a 200% crop comparison followed by full-size images and CNET’s original comparison. 200% because, it is a day-light image and every camera becomes a champ unless one digs at crop level. iPhone 5s imageĀ  is on top and Lumia 1020 at bottom.

IPhone 5S vs Lumia 1020- 200-cropFull-size images:

iPhone 5s:iphone5sgardenLumia 1020: 1020garden

Original CNET comparison shot and conclusion:

versus_7CNET concludes,

One of the trickiest scenes to capture because of the high level of foreground and background detail, the cameras have their work cut out for them in this final shot. The HTC One, again, blows out the highlights in the sky and the foreground so much that this detail is not recoverable. The Galaxy S4 has a nice, crisp image, though it is a bit too green, just like the iPhone 5s image. The iPhone 5 photo looks pleasing, but the winner for this one is the 1020, which has an even exposure and a good amount of detail.

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