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In weekend read, we are bringing to you story and views of a man who ran 920 miles with Lumia 920 in Alaska. Sounds inspiring!! Joel Jackson, who goes by name @ALASKANJACKSON on Twitter has been kind enough to share some pictures as well with us and no points for guessing these all pictures come from his proud possession, the Lumia 920.

Regarding photos he mentions, the photos are from a 5k with my two sons last April, me finishing a half marathon last May and a run up to Perseverance Lake in early summer that I reference in the text.

So, enough of introduction now and let us hear it straight from the man himself.

Nokia 920 Journey: Running 920 miles in Alaska

Let me start by stating, I am not a hardcore runner and I am not a technology expert.  I am a 44-year-old husband/father/runner.  When I purchased the phone I did not really think about how the phone would perform in our extreme environment.  I started on 12.15.2012 with a run on a 38F rainy evening running 3.7 miles.  I wore out four pairs of Brooks shoes later running 4-5 days a week. It rained 106 inches in that time with temperatures ranging from 19f-86f and wind in excess of 35 knots.


So, about the Nokia Lumia 920:

Most runners don’t like to carry the phone in hand, I do.   I need the phone to be available for work calls, emails and texts.  Taking work calls is seamless, the music breaks away as the call is received and call quality is excellent.  In fact I ruined three sets of ear buds during the 920 miles, the investment in those was greater than the cost of the phone. Sending and receiving work emails and texts and reviewing spreadsheets quickly via Sky Drive worked great as well.  I listen to music off-line, Xbox or Nokia music are simple and music lists are easy add to the phone. When streaming I listen to Pandora and Intune radio, Intune worked better generally. I used Endomondo to track and document my workouts, I like Endomondo but their support for the WP8 platform is lacking at best.  I am using Runtastic right now and am also testing a Windows Phone 8 exclusive app call TrackRunner.

It’s worth mentioning that I didn’t purchase a case or protective cover for the screen. Which leads me to my many drop tests.  My most notable fall came on a 5.5 mile run to Perseverance Lake.  It’s an out and back run with a gradual ascent to 600’. I tripped going downhill, the phone took the full force of my fall in my right hand with the rear of the phone facing the ground.  The phone suffered a couple of dents and continued to work.  Last spring I trained with my son for the Totem to Totem half marathon. My first half marathon. I ran a 1:40:37, yeah me! During one of my runs I dropped the phone  at about a 7:00 per mile clip.  The phone bounced out in the road.  Again I though oh crap I’ve destroyed it.  But no, I picked it up and it continued to work.


No one else I know dares to run with their phones like I do, many mention they are afraid of dropping or water damage.  It’s worth repeating that it rained 106 inches in the 920 miles.  The phone’s screen worked well, although when completely covered in rain it could be unresponsive.  I help with the local High School Cross Country team and I use Avirall Pro for time splits and practices. On the cold dry days using your gloves on the screen drew looks from kids and adults.  The downside that I experienced was the phone itself was a little thick and there wasn’t a great selective of aftermarket accessories.  The photo quality declined as I used/abused the phone.  That was expected and photos were not my main objective.  That being said, all the photos included were taken with my Lumia 920 during the 920 miles.

I am someone who values function, dependability and expects more from my phone.  My family and I spend lots of time outdoors in extreme weather.  I plan on purchasing a Nokia branded phone to start the New Year and passing my Lumia 920 to my youngest son.  I hope that my next phone proves as useful and dependable.  Still looking for ear buds that can handle our weather? Suggestions are welcome.

*Critters sighted while running include humpback whales, black bears, eagles, sea lions, seals and on rare occasions another runner!


I am not an employee of and have not received compensation from the companies I mentioned.

About the writer:

I am a Catholic guy who is a slogger when I run, I love my wife, my children and my community.  I believe in being thankful whenever possible.  I am sometimes on Twitter @alaskanjackson and play on Xbox from time to time, Gamertag alaskanjacksons.

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