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Samsung has just launched a dedicated camera(phone) called Samsung galaxy S4 zoom which boasts of 10X zoom and 16 MP camera. Apart from that it is a mid-range device and Samsung has named it S4, just to pass it across as a high-end device.


As you can see in the above picture it has been compared with 808 PureView, the king of camera smartphones. Well the image shows how 808 PureView looks like a proper phone even with that hump while SGS 4 zoom looks like a compact camera with mobile phone term attached. So, Russian site [email protected] has done extensive imaging comparison between 808 PureView and SGS 4 zoom and thanks to “PureViewclub” for posting this comparison.


As you can see in the above crop comparison (808 PureView on left and SGS 4 zoom on right) and the full images below (808 on top and SGS 4 at the bottom), 808 PureView captures much better details. The sharpness and color reproduction is much better in 808’s images.

There are more comparison sets but results are similar.

With onset of Nokia EOS which will bring even much better camera than 808 PureView with more advanced 41MP Sensor and OIS, it seems the reach of this amazing PureView quality will not be limited to hardcore imaging enthusiasts. 

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