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Updated: How to capture Panorama images with 808 PureView.


Panorama fever is in the air and you will hear Apple fans talk a lot about Panorama in coming few days, as Apple has projected it as  one of the major new features of its innovation-less new iPhone. Surprisingly, I had this feature integrated to the native camera application on my Nokia 6120 classic running S60V3 since year 2008. Yup, Nokia phones had Panorama since so many years and Apple has not invented it :).

Ok, now on a serious note, the camera application on 808 PureView doesn’t support Panorama capture yet. So, you have two options if you want to capture Panorama with 808 PureView’s amazing camera and both are free applications.

Camera Lover Pack:

This application by Scalado tech comes as free gift from Nokia for 808 PureView and you can use its “Photorama” mode for capturing Panorama by stitching 3 images . It is easy to use and there is option of chosing different image resolutions.

Download link or fire Nokia store on your 808 PureView.

Nokia Panorama application:

This Panorama application is provided by Nokia and is available at Nokia store for N8 and other Belle/Belle Fp1 devices excluding 808 PureView. Yup, you heard it right. Shame !! This is not available for Imaging champ 808 PureView at Nokia Store.

But, no worries. Try our tutorial and install it on your 808 PureView. This application gives you lots of options as shown above and thee is a default mode also. You can stitch more than 3 images using this.


How to capture Panorama:

Step 1: Launch the application Photorama/Nokia Panorama.

Step 2: Press the camera shutter button and the first image is captured.

Step 2: Rotate you hand in an arc controlling and restricting any upward or downward movement

Step 4: As soon as the second and next  boxes (as shown in the screenshot above) align completely with camera direction, images will be captured.

Step 5: Press the camera button again to stop capturing and let the image get stitched for viewing.

The restriction of upward and downward movement can be done by keeping camera close to the body. The image on the top is just a crude example of how Panorama images with 808 PureView may look like. With right kind of scenery and object to capture, it looks really amazing.

So, happy Panorama capturing with 808 PureView then :).

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