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Nokia talks about “milestones with Nokia camera phones” starting from the very first “Nokia 7650”.

[embedit snippet="madsb"] Nokia taking everyone through a nostalgic tour of "Milestones with Nokia camera phones" just before release of next big flagship camera phone, Lumia 1020. Starting from first Nokia phone with camera, Nokia 7650 to Lumia 925 with six lens and OIS, it is really very interesting tour. [embedit snippet="adversal5"]   Source

Editorial: Lumia 920 camera review and detailed imaging comparison with N8 and 808 PureView!!

If you have followed all our posts regularly then you would remember our promise of coming back with a camera comparison of Lumia 920 with pre-PureView flagship N8 and the first PureView 808. There have been many kudos for the low-light champ that Lumia 920 and that amazing video stabilisation which "floating camera lens" imparts

Application updates rolling out to 808 PureView (Belle FP1/2) and N8 (Belle/Refresh) devices.

Nokia has certainly kept its promise of continuously supporting Symbian devices. Application updates are rolling out to both Belle 2nd generation and Belle 1st generation devices. Our 808 PureView received "Fix for messaging" and "Nokia Music updates" while N8 got updates related to "E-mail and calendar" along with "Fix for

Rumor: Lumia 928 to have better GPU/CPU combo, Improved FFC & Rear cam with larger sensor. Coming with GDR2 update.

This may not be too hard to believe, but rumors are after all rumors. An anonymous tipster just sent this to our inbox. According to this rumor, Lumia 928 will see many improvements over Lumia 920 thereby justifying "928" over "920". It will run on faster Snapdragon Pro dual-core processor with Adreno

New version of “Fring” compatible with all Belle devices now at Nokia Store. Brings “login without account” support .

Fring, the only free video call and chat application for Belle device had been missing for Belle FP2 devices for quite a long time from Nokia store, though one could have installed it following our tutorial. But no need now to go through such hassle as Fring has just released new version

“Tweetian” for Belle devices gets updated to version 1.7. Adds many new features.

Tweetian, the best free Twitter client for Symbian devices has been updated to new version 1.7. It adds many new features with this update. 14 languages support Multiple images display support Image preview for SkyDrive files There are many bug fixes and performance optimizations as well. For us the "SkyDrive" image preview and multiple

Software updates for Social, Calendar and Colorizit (N8) available for Belle 1st Gen devices.

Three application updates are available for Belle 1st Gen devices N8, C7, E7,C6-01 etc. Social and Calendar update seems to be common across all the devices but seems "Colorizit" has made its way to N8 only. The Social update has brought the same version seen on Belle Fp2 devices with following changes, There are

Belle Refresh update Demo videos on Nokia N8.

Nokia "Belle Refresh" has been released for Belle 1st Gen devices, but alas! my Nokia N8 hasn't received the update yet. But in the meantime, I thought of searching and bringing some of the demo videos posted on YouTube. Only one video, though is in English. The one noteworthy thing across all