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Official: Windows 10 Mobile Camera app to get in-built Panorama feature soon

And now it stands confirmed officially that Windows 10 Mobile Camera app will have in-built Panorama feature soon. While you can already install the old Lumia Panorama app on Windows 10 Mobile running devices and use, a leak shows that Microsoft may be planning to bring it as an in-built feature

Is Nokia now teasing HDR feature of Lumia 920’s PureView Camera.

First of all, I am surprised of how conveniently I missed this:).  Nokia seems bringing both Panorama and HDR  features integrated with Lumia 920 Camera and as the above image crop mentions something special as well (Panorama with HDR), or did they mention Panorama and HDR separately?  Now that will be really awesome, if they can

360 deg Panorama creation application “Microsoft PhotoSynth” for Lumia devices now available at Marketplace.

Microsoft Photosynth app is now available in Windows Phone Marketplace. It is a great Panorama application which allows to capture 36o degrees, both vertically and horizontally . It also allows to share the Panorama on both Facebook and Twitter as well. Read more about the App below, Photosynth for Windows Phone is the panorama app

Creative studio app for Lumias with Panorama at marketplace.Enhanced Panorama mode integration with Lumia camera to come soon,says Damian Dinning!!

Damian Dinning has once again confirmed over his Twitter account that Enhanced version of Panorama app will be integrated  with Lumia's camera in near future. He also says that Panorama with Nokia creative studios application which is now available at marketplace is not the application he refered to his previous tweet. Nokia has