Nokia announced Nokia 301 at MWC as a Featurephone with smart camera features like Panorama mode, Burst mode and a voice assisted “Self-Portrait” mode. Well for a price of Euro 65 these all feature look awesome !! On top of that the design is certainly great and carries cues from Lumia design. Even the camera look has been lifted from Lumias directly. Though everyone is going gaga over these first for such low-price camera features, but to me it looks much familiar. Nokia 6210 classic pops to my mind. Though it was launched as a smartphone with pre-symbian OS S60V3, but the price was quite less and it had all camera features like Panorama, Sequence and Twilight modes.

Anyways, as Symbian is past for them, so Nokia may be right in mentioning Lumia lenses as inspiration for these features :P. We have collected few good quality video demoing Panorama mode, Voice assisted “Self-Portrait” mode and also the cool Slam feature on Nokia 301.