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HMD has ambitious plans of releasing Nokia Android Phones in 120 markets at same time

There is a wide yawning gap between official unveil of Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and Nokia 3310 and the final intended release to markets. The phones were announced on Feb 26 at MWC 2017, but all the signs we get till now indicates a release in starting May and extended to June and beyond depending upon markets. We shared what we gathered from our sources and retailers, about release dates in various markets in our earlier article.

But now we have got official word from HMD regarding this wide gap between unveil of phones and their market launch. HMD seems to be working on stocking the Phones before a big release in Q2, 2017.

HMD has ambitious plans to release Nokia 3, 5 and 6 in 120 markets at same time in Q2 2017. This is ambitious because HMD is de facto a start-up, though it has support from Nokia and Foxconn.

So, now it seems Nokia Android Phones and Nokia 3310 will be released in one big launch globally in the month of May. Though we still believe different markets will get slightly different release dates. But it will be a pleasant surprise for sure if HMD really pulls it off.

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  • johala02

    I hade expected some releases in april, atleast the Nokia 6 that I was interested in. But now I have bought a phone by another brand.

  • Nguyen Manh

    Not a good idea. People will loose their patience.
    But seeing Nokia in 120 countries again just as old times… beautiful.

  • Keith B

    I think the excitement has abated about the new Nokia phones already. Shame really.

    • Vinicius Araujo

      I don’t think so! Personally I’m still very excited. HMD is still a start-up, they’re starting almost from scratch because Microsoft bought every single Nokia factory and many of their partnerships (like Carl Zeiss lens). I understand that Nokia/HMD has a big path to go regarding business decisions and marketing strategy, all that stuff, but they’re going very well.

      Just compare HMD and Sony Mobile. Sony is so big, they have more than enough power to do ambitious plans like releasing a phone simultaneously all over the globe, yet they take up to 6 months between announcement and release. This is what I call shame. But HMD, no… It’s their first global launch (announced a month ago), and they’re having great plans, ideas (like partnering with Google to provide pure Android base, except in China) and thinking smart. I just hope the execution of their plans go as good as their ambitions.

      • Keith B

        I am still interested in the new phones. Just wish we had some release dates.