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New Nokia 3310 (2017): Full Specs, Features, Gallery, Video, Price, Release Date

Nokia 3310

We have Nokia 3310 (2017) Full Specs, Features, Price, Release Date (All Markets), Images Gallery, Video on this page. So, we recommend to bookmark it, if you want to follow our Nokia 3310 coverage.

Nokia 3310 Full Specs, Video, Images Gallery, Price & Release Date:

We are certainly not in the mood to talk about the rumors that made rounds about the re-birth of the iconic Nokia device, Nokia 3310, during the past week or so.

Luckily, Nokia 3310 was made official at MWC 2017 and comes with a new design language with reworked internals. One thing that was so popular about this device was the build quality and the battery life it offered. Well, again, it builds upon your trust and you get a boundless (1200mAh) FULL month of battery life, plus throws in a Micro-USB port for charging. Cool!

To keep you busy with the legendary Snake (Oh yeah!), Nokia has chosen a 2.4″ polarized and curved screen which makes for better readability in well lit conditions.

It is not classic anymore, there is 16 MB internal storage, plus a MicroSD card slot with support up to 32 GB, read again! 32GB! And of course, it carries the same Nokia ringtone you have grown up listening. It will be available as both single SIM and dual SIM variants.

Nokia 3310 (2017) Full Specifications:


Size and type 2.4” QVGA

Battery life

Battery type Removable 1200 mAh battery5

Max. talk time Up to 22.1 hours

Max. standby time Up to 31 days

Max. MP3 playback time Up to 51 hours

Max. FM radio playback time Up to 39 hours


Colors: Warm Red (Glossy), Dark Blue (Matte), Yellow (Glossy), Grey (Matte)

Size: 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm

Network and connectivity

Network speed: 2G

Networks: GSM 900/1800 MHz


Internal memory: 16 MB

MicroSD card slot Support for up to 32 GB, memory card sold separately


Connector: 3.5 mm AV connector

Apps: FM radio, MP3 player


Primary camera: 2MP

Flash: LED flash


Connectivity Micro USB (USB 2.0), Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM

Size: 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm

In the box

Your Nokia 3310

Nokia Micro-USB charger

WH-108 headset*

Quick guide

*Varies by market, please check availability.

Pricing and Availability:

The new Nokia 3310 will retail for €49 and will be available in Q2 2017. No exact dates have been announced. It will be available in in APAC, India, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Nokia 3310 official gallery:

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  • Bruce

    I have around 500 contacts in my google account. How am I going to tranfer them to the new Nokia 3310 phone? Thanks

  • Keith B

    I’m looking forward to getting one. I use a Nokia 3220 for work so looking forward to upgrading to the 3310 (2017). My 3220 still last well about a week on a charge and that is with receiving odd phone calls.

  • DBS

    Definitely not worthy of the 3310 name.
    This is just misguided.

    • Jukka-Pekka Sokero

      Can you elaborate, why it isnt worth the 3310 name? Im not sure myself yet. The design language is nice refresh of 3310 as well as most of the features, eg. battery life. I would like to know more about the robustness off 3310, before making my mind. Im mostly disappointed that HMD didnt have anything to tell, how durable the device is and what they have done to improve it. That is in the end of the day the unique selling point of 3310 nowadays.

      • DBS

        The Nokia 3310 already exists and it’s an iconic phone. When you set yourself to re-release something that already exists, you can’t change the design of it.

        This pseudo-3310 they presented does that. The design has nothing in common with the original 3310 apart from that grey ring around the screen, and even that doesn’t really match the original.

        Then the 3310 was known not only for being virtually indestructible but for being fully customisable. You could swap the front and back plates of the phone with a ton of other covers. The pseudo-3310 they presented does none of that either.

        The real 3310 had a very sturdy construction not only due to its thickness but also the design of the chasis. Because the covers were all removable, the internals of the phone would never be damaged on impact. When the phone hit the floor, the covers would absorve the impact and pop out, leaving the internals themselves intact. That won’t happen with this new pseudo-3310.

        If they wanted to release a new 3310 – and most of us old fans of Nokia would love that – they should have kept the design of the phone intact. That means no “make it thinner” and no redesign of the outer shell or its ability to be removed and swapped.

        The pseudo-3310 they presented is just a random feature phone that they gave the 3310 name to. For that, they’d have been better off leaving the 3310 moniker to their flagship phone (the one they didn’t present).

        • Jukka-Pekka Sokero

          Agree with you that swappable covers would have been a must. I thought that the covers could be changed as was hinted before launch, but that does not seem to be the case. What comes to the durability, I dont know for fact, what the device can take. If HMD has been clever, they have puts some extra effort to the design and testing. Im a bit sceptical about it though. I tend to disgree with you on the form factor though. There has been several relaunches of classics and they have received positive reviews. Eg. New Beetle and Mini Cooper. HMD did bot communicate that they start the 3310 manufacturing again, instead they said that they’ve refreshed the device.

          • DBS

            See, the problem here is that, while the relaunches of the Mini Cooper and the New Beetle were MODERN devices, this pseudo-3310 is still a dumbphone. They were also premium offerings.
            Which is why I said if they wanted to use the 3310 moniker but say “f*ck the original design”, then they should have done a smartphone instead. They didn’t. They released something that has no resemblance with the original 3310 and is still a phone as useful as the original 3310.
            They added a camera and a colour screen? People who care for both of those things will buy a smartphone, not a dumbphone. I’d love to be here singing the praises of the “new 3310” but I simply can’t. They literally gave me no reasons to do it.
            All I see is a publicity stunt (and at that it worked REALLY well considering the only news in normal newspapers and the TV regarding MWC was exactly this pseudo-3310. Not a single line about the new TCL BlackBerry or the G6 or even Samsung’s tablets) but nothing else.

            • Jukka-Pekka Sokero

              Marketing is by definition a stunt and to me it seems it has worked so far. Its a pity, if the device does not deliver in longer term especially on sturdiness.
              Its hard to compare the premium and moderness of mobile devices vs cars, where the technical development in mobile devices is so much faster. I wouldt call new Beetle and Mini technically superior or even being that modern. Afaik Beetle has had quite standard VW motor for example and the same applies to Mini. Also the price of new 3310 is almost double to the equivalent dumbphone specced device. From the design pov it would make no sense to re-launch 3310 as smartphone. It would not be sturdy, the battery would not last 30 days and it would not have swappable covers.

              • DBS

                I can’t disagree more.
                The pseudo-3310 isn’t updating a phone from last year or even 3 years ago. It’s updating a 17 year old phone.
                And the New Beetle and the new Mini Coopers WERE modern cars when they first came out (ie, when they “re-birthed” those cars). Even today they are premium models. You pay quite a lot for them when compared to the normal Volkswagen Polo or Golf or the normal Peugeot 208 or 308. As for the motors in them, it depends on the configuration you pick.

                As for the “From the design pov it would make no sense to re-launch 3310 as smartphone” it would make more sense than to release it as a dumbphone that looks absolutely nothing like the original 3310 and will absolutely NOT be able to stand the same kind of trials the 3310 endures. It’s just physics here.

                And why wouldn’t a smartphone version be sturdy? Have you ever seen the Galaxy S Active line? There are plenty of smartphones with ruggedness attached to them. Sturdy isn’t a problem.
                30 days battery, sure. But then again, that’d need Nokia to have its research on graphene far more developed.
                And why on earth wouldn’t the phone be able to have swappable covers?

                And by the way, I’m assuming by all you wrote that you’re imagining a Nokia 3310 as a flagship. That wouldn’t necessarily be the case. You could aim a 3310 smartphone at the lower end of the market like the Nokia 3.

                Besides, the pseudo-3310 they presented has nothing to do with the real 3310. So why should a smartphone version have to look like it?

                • Nguyen Manh

                  This new 3310 is sure one of the best marketting trick ever. It attracts enormous interest and will be popular for at least some time. I don’t care about it being true to old 3310 legacy or not. Sure they should add 3G in future to make it more useful. Now everyone knows Nokia is back and is eager to buy their phones. From this moment all flip or flop lay in in-time worldwide distribution of first smartphone lineup (3-5-6) and introdution of uppermid/flagship line (7-8-9-10).

  • JLIT99

    A great phone. Certainly received a lot of media attention, and provides a lot of nostalgia.

    If WhatsApp still had their Java/Asha version, I suspect this phone could have suited the needs of most people!

    • m477

      S30+ does not support java apps.

  • Suyash

    didn’t they said that these are available from 1st day.