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90% accurate Nokia 3310 (2017) render, display size leaked. May have a camera

More Nokia 3310 leaks here. The new render is hand-sketched and is from one of the most reliable Nokia leak sources in China. The render is said to have 90% similarity with the real Nokia 3310 (2017) design.

As can be seen in this render the new Nokia 3310 design may have some shades of Nokia 6303 design.

As per this leak, Nokia 3310 (2017) may have a 2.4-inch QVGA display. It will pack a camera (cameras) too unlike the old Nokia 3310.

The last credible rumor has talked about it coming with swappable face-plates and in many colors. It will run on Series 30+ OS.

Recently we heard that HMD may bring a new Nokia 3310 to market after announcing its rebirth at MWC 2017. MWC event is scheduled on February 26 (Click here for all details).

Thanks Nokiabar for the tip. Cheers!!

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  • DBS

    None of that resembles the 3310 in the slightest. If the thing is closer to those drawings than to the real 3310,and they insist in calling it a 3310, the backlash will be hard… Though deserved

    • even i feel the same. They should have not touched the legend. It might ruin everything. 🙁
      And even if they did they should have kept the changes to as minimal as possible. Just include 2″ screen which exactly fits in the design of original Nokia 3310, include VoLTE, Same size and not making it thin. include a larger capacity battery by using the available size in a better way.. no camera at all. interchangeable face-plates that can also fit the original Nokia 3310 so that people having the original phone can make use of new face-plates. same loudspeaker and same vibration motor.

      • Vignesh R

        Well said @davidbaptistasilva:disqus and @disqus_Fwhc13VCQT:disqus.. This is not at all a 3310… There should be no change design wise.. Only features should be added like color screen 2″, camera(if possible without altering the design), VoLTE, improved battery, storage, WiFi, Bluetooth etc.
        People will buy the phone with decade old features only if it feels nostalgic. If it doesn’t then this will become a market failure.. Only people who needs a basic phone will purchase this but that is very few in number. It won’t catch the eyes of Nokia fans or people who need a secondary phone. It’ll be like just another basic model arrived in the market
        Bottom line: Original design should be retained. One day more, lets wait and see

        • DBS

          Not to mention the appeal of this to people like me who were already around when the 3310 came out is that we could actually use the old covers we had. And back in the day there were TONS of different shells available for the 3310, the likes of which not even the iPhone has seen in terms of cases etc.

          If they’re going for nostalgia, they have to understand how it works first. Otherwise no one will just buy something because it says “3310”. If the name is all they’re using, then they’d be better off using it on the flagship Android device. It would have greater impact there.

    • Kamal

      I would say that we should wait to see it in real images and historically Nokia Products look much better in hands rather than in images / renders.

      • DBS

        Well sure, and that’s true for pretty much any phone. But we can still debate the principle behind it: if you’re going to call it 3310 you can’t change its design significantly. And so far that seems to be the case. We’re not looking at a minor adjustment like adding a camera or making the screen in colour. From these renders we’re looking at something that resembles anything but the 3310.