InfographicGreat news for those using HERE Android app!! The app that has crossed 3 million downloads on Google Play Store recently has received a major update and has graduated from Beta. The update brings 3D Venue Map, Maps downloads in background, voice download to SD card and much more.

HERE Android changelog:

• We added interactive 3D maps of shopping malls and airports in 70 countries
• You can tap on any place icon on the map to see more about it or how to get there
• Traffic incidents show you what’s causing the jam before you have to find out in person
• You can now download maps in the background — no need to wait for them to finish
• You can now also download voices to your SD card
• We adjusted the volume so you can hear turn-by-turn directions more clearly

Updated HERE Android app in action:

With HERE Maps Android app, you can use your Android device to navigate (real) offline in as many as 118 countries, and take advantage of the best mapping app for Android (Read our Google vs HERE Maps app shootout here).

Your device should be running Android 4.1 or higher for being able to install HERE Maps Android app. In case you can’t use Google Play Store for some reason, download it directly from here.

Google Play link

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