With smartphones becoming the primary device for media consumption they are getting more and more powerful at handling apps. Google has announced that they are now making it easier for developers to enhance the app experience on multi-window with what Google calls ‘Multi-resume’.

Although Google did have some solution in past so that apps on multi-window can be interactive enough, it seems developers are too reluctant to get their hands dirty for this. With the ‘Multi-resume’ coming into the picture developers are just need to add the following meta-data in the app manifest.

<meta-data android:name=“android.allow_multiple_resumed_activities” android:value=“true” />

Those unaware, enhanced app experience on multi-window means that even if you are running two or three apps side-by-side every one of them will be interactive, meaning no stopping in instant messages, video playback, etc even it is under OnePause state(when an app is in multi-window but not in focus, it is OnePause state).