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Puzzle Craft 2 Game Comes To Windows Devices

In this week, we see many developers are releasing their apps and games for Windows platform. Seems to be they like the universal Windows platform. Now popular game company SYZYGY Deutschland GmbH releases their Puzzle Craft 2 game for Windows phone. The game is universally available for Windows 10 devices including

Microsoft announces Lifetime Dev Center registration without any renewal fee. All existing devs already upgraded

  This is one more step in right direction by Microsoft. Today, Microsoft has announced lifetime dev center registration. Any new developer will need to pay just once for a lifelong account to publish apps to both Windows and Windows Phone store. All existing developers are already upgraded to a lifelong

HERE offers Indoor “Venue Maps” API to developers

In a first, HERE has started offering Venue maps (the indoor maps) API to developers. HERE is the pioneer and leader in case of indoor maps as well with more than 75,000 buildings in more than 70 countries worldwide already mapped. The HERE Venue Maps REST API gives developers access to

More than 100 corporates use Lumia in Mexico. More than 3000 dev focused on WP. Lumia WP8 announced for Mexico.

Nokia's media relation's head "Doug" had been tweeting about the yesterday's launch event of Lumia WP8 devices in Mexico. Mexico has really seen significant growth in Windows Phone installed base according to "Statscounter". Mexico in the period of Dec 12 to March 13 has shown a growth of 3% to 4.54% in installed user