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We have already reported RX-114 from GFXbench entry as the Nokia WinRT 8.1 Tablet running on Snapdragon 800.



Now, latest Adduplex data for Windows 8 devices reveals full family of RX-114 variants confirming its arrival soon. Also, as we reported earlier RX-108 and Rx-107 are also seen which may well be the Win 8.1 tablet as they do look like variants of same device.

The earliest sighting was back in early October, 2012. The device was named RX-107. Then we’ve seen RX-108. And then RX-113, 114, 115, 116. Interestingly enough we haven’t seen RX-109 through RX-112. So it’s hard to say if all of these are just variations of one device progressing through development stages, or 2 device lines (107-108 and 113-116) or something else.

Also, interesting to see MS’s Surface RT Tab at 10% of the overall Win 8 devices share. So, what do you think, if Nokia prices the RT tablet at good enough price and as it is coming with improved specs and 1080p display resolution, can it get some traction?

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