We have been tipped by some of our readers about DxOMark rating Nokia 8 camera poorly and I just had this feeling of Déjà vu. Not the first time that they have rated Nokia or Nokia Lumia cameras poorly when the real-world tests showed the opposite. So, here is the truth about DxoMark and their tests and why you shouldn’t bother much about it.

  1. DxOMark uses a weightage system to get the score and things that matter more to you may not matter them in terms of scoring. This rating system of DxOMark has been panned by many, just google for it. Here is a similar article by Peta-pixel about DxOMark Camera ratings.
  2. DxOMark works with manufacturers for a fee before their product is launched for so-called “improving” the cameras and later awards glowing scores to them. You could have seen how every new smartphone camera by manufacturers become the new champion one after another
  3. Most importantly unless a reviewer does a side by side shootout and provides full-size images for comparison don’t go blindly for such a camera review. It can be partial.
  4. Nokia 8 has a stellar camera and it certainly is one of the best smartphone cameras out there. We have reviewed it in detail and compared it against Lumia 1020, the gold standard of imaging. Check our detailed Nokia 8 camera review here.