[embedit snippet=”fluids”]Nokia DNG Before-After Edit

Nokia‘s attempts to bring professional photography to smartphone cameras have seen RAW support in form of DNG files capture and extraction from Lumia 1020 and 1520. Now, the ever respected “dpreview” has found that these DNG files from Lumia 1020 actually respond to edits in Photoshop unlike the RAW files one can obtain using some “iOS” apps on iPhone. This may mean that DNG files from Lumia 1020 are really RAW or unprocessed.

Unlike the “Raw” files that I have gotten from iOS apps before, the Lumia 1020 DNG files actually respond to edits in Photoshop. Like my Nikon’s NEF files, the Nokia DNG’s can have a few stops of exposure compensation and natural-looking white balance adjustments. The Lumia 1020 photos especially benefitted from Raw noise editing. A little adjustment of the “Luminance” noise slider got rid of most of the phone’s digital grain.

This is kind of big deal when sites like dpreview appreciate the efforts put in by Nokia in field of imaging!!

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