sounds-of-the-world-featThe erstwhile Nokia Design Team and now Phones Sound Design team at Microsoft has now uploaded the latest local ringtones introduced with Lumia 535 to Soundcloud. Apart from these new local ringtones Lumia 535 also has the global 2015 ringtone collection, we have seen on Lumia 735 / Lumia 730 and Lumia 830.

You can download all these new ringtones by following the link given at the bottom of this post.

Stories behind many of these tones have been covered in an interesting post by Lumia Conversations.

The Sounds of the World project was conceived almost a year to the day. In the twelve months that have followed, Henry Daw and his team have visited four continents, met more than 150 music students and shortlisted 20 ringtones; some of which would ultimately find their way onto the Lumia 535, the first Microsoft-branded Lumia, which features all new global ringtones and regional sets.

Read it all here.

Download link

In case you are looking for the song (ringtone) download featured in the latest Lumia 535 ad in India, click here.