While our own sources have indicated a May release for Nokia Android Phones globally, now we hear it from one more major retailer. Carphone Warehouse with exclusivity on Nokia 6 in UK (May only) has confirmed May as release date for new Nokia Phones in UK.

In an interview with Mobile Magazine, UK, CPW MD has said that Nokia Phones will come to market in May. It seems CPW is planning to reap the high-level of interest that customers have shown during pre-registration. CPW was the first retailer in UK to open registration for all Nokia Phones.

Well, we’re going to have some fun with Nokia soon aren’t we? I’m very much looking forward to it. It’s compelling. We got into that quite early, put it in front of customers quite early so when that comes to market in May we’re set up to make the most of the high levels of interest we’ve got from customers already. As with everything in retail there are success stories and there are failures, but I believe it’s important to give things a go.’

Though it is not only CPW, but another major UK retailer Clove has also listed all Nokia Phones. Its listings reveal May as probable release timings for all new Nokia Phones, but Nokia 6, on which CPW may have exclusivity for the month of May.

CPW MD has also acknowledged earlier report of huge interest in Nokia 3310, but with a word of caution about whether this interest turns into actual demand,

‘We’ve seen a lot of interest, it remains to be seen whether it’s for nostalgic reasons where people just want to come in and have a look at it, or actually everyone is going to revert back and use the phone they used 15 years ago. I think it’s probably the former but nevertheless let’s wait and see. There’s a definite use case for the product.’

HMD is planning to release Nokia Phones in 120 markets simultaneously, so May it will be, though depending upon markets, exact release date may differ slightly.

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