Welcome to another post under our ‘Best Apps‘ series where we cover some best apps for any specific purpose on Android platform. The Best apps series is very helpful for Android users searching for some best apps for any specific purpose like Gallery apps, Ringtone apps, camera apps, Launchers and much more.

Today we will be covering some of the best browsers for Android platform. It is worth mentioning that web browsers are one of the most important parts of any smartphone. A smartphone is not complete without a browser in it. Most of the time we see a browser coming pre-installed on your Android smartphone.

So let’s take a look at some of the best browsers for Android listed below,

Google Chrome:

Why we pick Google Chrome on the top in our best browser app for Android is because of its long list of platform support. You can use Google Chrome on your phone, tablets or even PC. Google Chrome is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS as well. It also gets deeper integration with the overall Android OS and also lets you keep a sync of the data you browse across the different platforms.

Some interesting features or Google Chrome include personalized search results and suggestions, incognito window support, Google safe browsing, system-wide voice search, Google Translate and the data saver also.

[appbox googleplay com.android.chrome]

Firefox Browser:

Firefox browser is also one the few browsers that ate available across all the major platforms. Availability of any app across all the major platforms brings a huge advantage over other better apps because of your data and history synchronization feature.

Talking about the features of Firefox browser, it comes with an intelligent search with faster results,  the browser also comes with in-built privacy features for better protection, support for Firefox account for synchronization across all the platforms and so much more.

[appbox googleplay org.mozilla.firefox]

Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge comes to third on our list of best browsers for Android platform. Microsoft Edge was introduced back with Windows 10 OS as the default browser in Windows 10. It was made to replace Internet Explorer browser for the good.

This browser is also helpful to those loyal Nokia phones who went to Windows OS after Microsoft bought Nokia and we saw different Windows Phone OS based phones. But then later with Windows 10, Microsoft introduced Windows 10 Mobile OS with Microsoft Edge browser on mobile. So those users will like the Microsoft Edge for sure.

[appbox googleplay com.microsoft.emmx]

UC Browser:

Why we recommend UC Browser is because of the innovative features in it. The browser comes with in-built ad blocker, download manager, data saver, Facebook mode, Night mode and cricket score tab.

The app is recommended as it uses very fewer data. The app is helpful if you’re on a limited data plan in your smartphone.

[appbox googleplay com.UCMobile.intl]

Opera Browser:

Opera browser is also recommended browser because of its similarities to UC Browser. It comes with a partial ad blocker built in. It comes with features like data saver with page compression, private window, ad blocker and smart news feed which is somewhat similar to UC Browser.

[appbox googleplay com.opera.browser]

Samsung Internet Browser(Beta):

Samsung had never released its internet browser to everyone. The internet browser from Samsung was available to Samsung smartphones only But back in 2017, the company made the Samsung Internet Browser available publically to Google Play Store. Although the app is still available in Beta, we expect it to come out of Beta very soon.

Some interesting features and improvements to the Samsung Internet Browser is new browser engine which is Chromium 59, support for protected browsing, content blockers, new and improved UI, download manager, swipe gestures and much more.

[appbox googleplay com.sec.android.app.sbrowser.beta]