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Asha 501 is the top selling phone at Snapdeal. Lumia 520, Lumia 625 in most popular phones at UniverCell.

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A quick report from India. At major cellphone retailer UniverCell, Lumia 625 can be seen at 4th most popular while Lumia 520 still holds the 2nd rank according to popularity.  Good to see Lumia 625 getting some attention here.

UniverCell link

Untitled At major retailer Snapdeal, one or other Nokia has been holding the fort in bestsellers list. Currently it is Asha 501 which is the top selling phone at Snapdeal.

Snapdeal link

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  • Kamal Mishra

    In case of Lumia 625 even our findings paint a not-so-good picture.

    Lumia 925 though is selling relatively well. It is more popular in India than Lumia 920 according to search google trends.

    • sri_tech

      Search interest means nothing, at least in this case because when 920 released Lumia series is not as popular as they are now.

      Now the brand awareness us much higher because of the handsets like 520, 620 and 720 which are released after 920 and become good sellers.

      As a keen observer of Lumia’s I can clearly tell you that 925 is selling much worse than 920. I already said the reasons for that below. I said it wont sell when the price revealed in flipkart.

      Its all about pricing according to the competition in the particular market.

      A better indication for sales is “certified reviews” on flipkart. Ceritied means from people who bought it. Not even a single such review for both 925 and 625.

      Thats better indications of sales than these stupid search interest which means nothing.

      Mark my words. I am sure they will price 1020 at Rs 40-45K and release it 4 months after US release.
      It will be another disaster for sure.

      Nokia is an important and growing market for Nokia. They used to be popular here. They still have chance to gain back from Samsung and Micromax. They did reasonably well with 520/620 and 720 and now ruining that with 625 and 925.

      The executives should be fired. They are wasting money Sharukh khan. Only way to get sales is price the handsets well.

  • sri_tech

    Univercell hits means nothing. 625 is a disaster in India. 925 also a dud.

    I said it many times. They priced them ridiculously. 925, 625 will do worse than 800 and 710 if they dont reduce the price quickly. The executives responsible for this should be fired.