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Though we have several times reported Lumia 521 getting sold out at HSN, but this is the first time the device has become top seller at HSN. As you know HSN is now selling Lumia 521 for just $99.95 with freebies and this has pushed the device to the top of best seller chart. Though HSN is no exception and Lumia 521 is currently no.1 best seller no-contract phone at Amazon and 2nd best seller at Walmart as well.

So, at three big retailers in US it is ruling the charts and we wonder whether Lumia 521 will have more impact on Lumia shipment volumes in Q3. As you know in Q2, due to weak supply, it remained sold out most of the times. If you may have checked in last few days, it  has been in stock at all the retailers in spite of it being the top seller phone. Is Nokia going for a volume blast silently?


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