This letter is from Daniel (Tellus) who has been one of our most regular blog reader and tipster. He says,

I really will miss Nokia Lumia! Therefore this letter to all of you Nokia fans. I hope you can publish this letter Kamal :)

So, Daniel here is your letter published and we share most of your feelings about all that which happened and should haven’t happened!!

Since the day when Nokia went out with the news that they sold their mobile section, it really hurts to use my Lumia . It’s constantly reminding me of the great warm soul Nokia has in their handsets. Nokia’s quality, design and technology hand in hand creates a unity of perfection. You can really feel that every phone created is made by a warm heart. No plasticky Samsung or monotonous iPhone that make time stand still. If people only dared to try Lumia they would get in love with it right away!

To know that Nokia is no longer going to continue creating these phones takes the warm soul out of the upcoming devices . Sure MS has knowledge and they also have a budget where they can showcase the product effectively. They therefore certainly will sell a lot more phones, but it does not matter. I don’t think there is any company in the world that create their products with love as Nokia has done . I will really miss it! My heart wants only one thing right now, but it is and will remain a dream I guess. However I wish that the majority shareholders vote against the sale so we do not lose that magic. Certainly stock price will plummet and Nokia will grapple with economic difficulties, but in long term it will not fail. Sooner or later, individuals must dare to test the phones and get caught in love with it . We can already see today on sales trend. 4.2 million became 5 million, which then became 7 million.

Also we can see that the Lumia 1020 is the third best selling phone at AT & T. It’s great ! Lumia 920 was not close to that success.

We can also look at Amazon’s (which accounts for 10% of U.S. sales of mobile phone) toplist that shows Lumia 1020 top ranking in several places. 3rd, 9th and 13th place .

Also Amazon’s rating with phones without contract shows Lumia 520 and 521 on the first and third place.

What I ‘m getting at is that the trend is clear. Lumia sales are growing. I think it is a big mistake that Nokia will sell the phone division, even if it short-term makes many shareholders happy. But the other choice of route (a longer term) had done shareholders and phone lovers 1000 times happier. But now we seem to give that gift to MS which unfortunately in the long-term will bring Nokia’s soul out of the phones!

I won a lot of money on this sale, but I feel no joy. I instead feel that I lost something unique that you rarely find anymore. A company that creates products with their heart and soul .

I therefore hope in the impossible! Let Lumia remain Nokia!

Daniel (Tellus), proud Nokia owner.

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