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A letter from a proud #Nokia Fan and investor!!


This letter is from Daniel (Tellus) who has been one of our most regular blog reader and tipster. He says,

I really will miss Nokia Lumia! Therefore this letter to all of you Nokia fans. I hope you can publish this letter Kamal :)

So, Daniel here is your letter published and we share most of your feelings about all that which happened and should haven’t happened!!

Since the day when Nokia went out with the news that they sold their mobile section, it really hurts to use my Lumia . It’s constantly reminding me of the great warm soul Nokia has in their handsets. Nokia’s quality, design and technology hand in hand creates a unity of perfection. You can really feel that every phone created is made by a warm heart. No plasticky Samsung or monotonous iPhone that make time stand still. If people only dared to try Lumia they would get in love with it right away!

To know that Nokia is no longer going to continue creating these phones takes the warm soul out of the upcoming devices . Sure MS has knowledge and they also have a budget where they can showcase the product effectively. They therefore certainly will sell a lot more phones, but it does not matter. I don’t think there is any company in the world that create their products with love as Nokia has done . I will really miss it! My heart wants only one thing right now, but it is and will remain a dream I guess. However I wish that the majority shareholders vote against the sale so we do not lose that magic. Certainly stock price will plummet and Nokia will grapple with economic difficulties, but in long term it will not fail. Sooner or later, individuals must dare to test the phones and get caught in love with it . We can already see today on sales trend. 4.2 million became 5 million, which then became 7 million.

Also we can see that the Lumia 1020 is the third best selling phone at AT & T. It’s great ! Lumia 920 was not close to that success.

We can also look at Amazon’s (which accounts for 10% of U.S. sales of mobile phone) toplist that shows Lumia 1020 top ranking in several places. 3rd, 9th and 13th place .

Also Amazon’s rating with phones without contract shows Lumia 520 and 521 on the first and third place.

What I ‘m getting at is that the trend is clear. Lumia sales are growing. I think it is a big mistake that Nokia will sell the phone division, even if it short-term makes many shareholders happy. But the other choice of route (a longer term) had done shareholders and phone lovers 1000 times happier. But now we seem to give that gift to MS which unfortunately in the long-term will bring Nokia’s soul out of the phones!

I won a lot of money on this sale, but I feel no joy. I instead feel that I lost something unique that you rarely find anymore. A company that creates products with their heart and soul .

I therefore hope in the impossible! Let Lumia remain Nokia!

Daniel (Tellus), proud Nokia owner.

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Nayan has more than 10 years of experience of covering Technology and innovations. He is a big Nokia fan and Tech disruptions aficionado. He loves to review new cool gadgets and writing about Android, iOS, Gadgets and general Technology stuff. He has been associated with other well-known Tech sites WinCentral and GadgetOx since long.

He currently sports a Lumia 950 XL and Nexus 5X. Other interests include listening to Nu-Metal Hits and Kick-Boxing.
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  • Shravan

    As a shareholder of both Nokia and MSFT, I believe the deal is in Nokia’s best interests. Yes, there are several emotional reasons to vote no on this, the death of an iconic brand being paramount. What are the alternatives, though? While Lumias have done well, they haven’t exactly lit up the sales charts. Yes, Nokia could completely abandon WP and go with Jolla or Android, but imagine the amount of money that move would require. It’ll also be a huge disruption that Nokia can’t afford at this time. The most likely scenario, in the event that the purchase is voted down, is a purchase by a Chinese Android phone maker for Nokia’s patents, manufacturing, and contracts with wireless service providers.

    Having one company (either Microsoft or Nokia) own both the software and the hardware is probably the best bet at this point for the phones. Nokia doesn’t have the money that Microsoft does. Also, if you look at what Microsoft has done with their last multi billion dollar acquisition, Skype, they’ve pretty much shut down their own competing services and Skype continues to operate like an independent company. If that is how Microsoft treats Nokia, I am excited about the future.

    This move also provides Nokia with a much needed cash infusion to continue to grow the profitable parts of its business. Maybe the move to buy out Siemens’ stake in NSN was based on the assumption that this was bound to happen anyway. Also, maybe in a few years, Nokia will be back in the smartphone business. They still own all of their patents anyway.



  • Lumia 1520 is my next phone. (Maybe Nokias last)

    this made me happy. I just read my thoughts.
    I will buy shares in Nokia just to vote no to MS.

  • Jeff

    This is a great start for something new at Nokia. They dumped a failing phone business that for the past 5 years has been declining in what the customer wanted. The Lumia was always part MS because of WP8. Lumias are just as much Nokia as they are MS at this point. At least Nokia made a product worthy of 5 billion and it gave back to shareholders. I hope Elop is gone in 2014.

    It was going to take another 3 years to possibly get up to 10% market share. For shareholders this deal works out great today. I believe Nokia is a much stronger company now.

  • AJ

    It s sad everyone is assuming it is a done deal and selling their shares, no doubt to arbitragers, if they were instead really serious of making long term big profits and are passionate about Nokia they would keep their shares and vote against the deal, given the $1.5b convertible bonds MSFT is prepared to take on the Nokia share price would probably drop to the low $4.00 but with Lumia sales continuing to grow quickly this would be temporary.

    • Ness

      Hi AJ,

      if you think that there will be a temporary drop to $4 then wouldn’t it make sense to sell now and come back in when it is $4? That is over $1 different. If we are talking about thousand of shares here, which I used to owned, then that couple of thousand dollar will allow me to buy a few more thousand share if the price drop. Anyway, I will probably be on the sideline and watch what will unfold in the next few weeks.

  • Jay

    I sympathise with the no-vote view, but ultimately I have decided to vote yes (if my broker passes on the voting papers, which does not always happen). My reasons:

    1. The business has had enough changes of direction. Top management seems to be very keen on the MSFT deal and if they cannot do it they may lose interest.

    2. MSFT with the expertise of Nokia Devices will be very well placed to make excellent W8 tablets with no proprietary bloatware. That will give them a clear advantage over Android tablets and could make them equally attractive with AAPL tablets. That will be good for the customer and for the retained Nokia employees.

    3. I do not want to give up the (for me modest) gain I have made from the share price. It has made up for some stupid mistakes I made on some other stocks.

  • Jo

    Woow. I wish this would happen. Nokia must keep Lumia. Maybe if words like this comes out, investors can vote for that.
    I will share this letter.

  • it is hoped Let’s write a petition to have left the brand “Nokia”. Let it be “Nokia Lumia xxx by Microsoft”

  • Aki

    I think Nokia can now start from clean table. I love my Lumia 920 too, but like Daniel said, big portion of smartphone users never gave it a shot (because of MS OS). So in big picture, Nokia was losing market in regular phones (asha and series40) and even big percentual growth in Lumias didnt cover the loss of money. So now Nokia will make money with patents and licensing (+maps and networks) in mobile phones but doesnt have risk of being a manufacturer. And can make a come back in 2015 if they choose to do so (I hope), and then have a choice of choosing what ever OS they want, now propably having multiple OS choices . And maybe do the manufacturing as outside services. Eventhough WP is good OS since 8.0, obviously Nokia did make a big mistake couple years back to make agreements to cut out other choices in their smartphones. Now Nokia can take couple steps back and correct the bad choices they made with Elop and even earlier when iphone entered the market (when Ollilla and Kallasvuo were CEO’s) lack of vision and not listening to customers.

  • Really Daniel. I hope that this happens, but probably because many shareholders have waited long enough for Nokia shares to give some good returns, I feel they’ll just be happy with the profit they have achieved after the same.

    All I’ll hope for is that some magic happens and share prices drop. That will give shareholders the reason to oppose this sale. Surely that will be loss for the shareholders, but that can be borne against the millions of smiles that will be gone forever from the faces of happy Nokia users.

    I won’t blame the CEO much, but as he came from Microsoft, there’s always some sort of vision that you bring from your older company. Under a Finnish leadership and a vision different from Microsoftian Elop, I feel Nokia can do much much and much better in the future.
    No matter how much we say that the team who’ll make phones will be the same, but there’s always a difference. Nokia will not be Nokia anymore, no matter how good Microsoft tries.

    • Ness


      You are not alone on this one. I had shares in Nokia too and was hoping for a slow gain over the long term. Looking at the gain in the last few months clearly shows that the momentum is there. I was not expecting for the sale to happen when it did. I sold all of my shares the day after the announcement. I used to visits Nokia’s sites everyday since I started following it over a year ago. Now I don’t feel the urge to visit those sites much because even of I read good news on the phone front I know it will eventually be part of Microsoft. I don’t hate Msft but it feels like the qualify of future phones might not hold up to the quality of the current models. Anyway, I am hoping that the share will come back down after the iPhoneC announcement so I can invest in Nokia again. With the term of the sale it seems that Nokia can come back to the phone business after 2015.I think that by that time they will have a great services in the Here Map and any other industry that they are in. Looking forward to that time

      • Aki

        I think Nokia share no longer has negative impact how other phone manufacturers sell. I think “new” Nokia just gains money if iphone sells well, since iphone has also licensed stuff from Nokia, and “new” Nokia still owns those patents… So I recommend buying stocks back as soon if there is some sort of plummeting in stock for reasons like USA attacking Syria etc. common stock value lowering reasons. But I think Nokia stock will not get cheaper otherwise, it is not gamble stock anymore and they will pay 0,3-0,6 euro divident per stock early next year and in future years aswell it will become good divident payer. There are thousands of holding companies who can now buy Nokia stock and because of good postitive cash flow, many probably will.

        • Aki

          ofcourse I am not sure of anything. So if someone loses money its not on me… 😀

          • Ness

            With the recent surge I think I might retreat a bit. Anyway, I am still worry about the iPhone 5C and potentially the China Mobile contract. If they don’t come down again I am still willing to buy it back at a higher price. The recent surge, the potential of the iPhone 5C, and the China Mobile deal make me worry about the short term. Good luck to you too.

            • Aki

              thanks Ness, and good luck! Nokia board will tell something about future in November and new iphone is out then too, so then we know better… I am pretty confident that stock wont rally hugely anymore each way until then (my guess is that it between 3,5-4,5 euro) and I think steady growth is what happens after that aswel. Then after 2015 is new game.