Let me start this post with a disclaimer. It may not be most accurate analyis and you are most welcome to disagree with this !!

I have used Occasional gamer’s device statistics to arrive at a distribution of WP8 devices sold during last months for only USA marketLumia 920’s data for USA is easy to find as the variant has been listed as RM 820_ATT. Lumia 820’s USA variant is RM 824 while Lumia 822 and 810 are USA specific so easy to identify them with RM 878 and RM 845. HTC 8X is just listed as one device (1280), hence we have to do the analysis once, considering all the HTC 8X has sold in USA only and once considering 50% of HTC 8X sales coming from USA . This is again debatable though !!

So, the analysis gives us some interesting points.

  • Lumia 920 will at least be 47% of the total WP8 sales in USA. This is when we take all sales for HTC 8X coming from USA. In case we consider only half of HTC 8X sales coming from USA then the Lumia 920 % reaches to 55 %.

  • Lumia 822 has done really well at Verizon and may have sold more than both Lumia 820 and 810 combined in USA. In fact it may have given HTC 8X a run for its money. It has a % sales range of 13.7 to 16 % .

  • Lumia WP8 devices sales in USA may be 72 – 83 % of overall WP8 devices sold in USA, which is similar to what we see for WP7.5 sales figure as well.
Lumia 920218847.71042218855.4485555
Lumia 8202625.713042626.63963507
Lumia 82262813.6938562815.9148505
Lumia 8102284.9716532285.77800304
HTC 8X128027.9110364016.2189559