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You might want to try a chinese version of these Nokia stock apps


HMD owned Nokia phones are known for a clean Android experience. Not to mention that in China you always play with the government’s rule. That is probably the reason behind the differences in apps and services between a Chinese version and a global version.

At the beginning of this month on XDA developers, a series of a Chinese version of Nokia stock apps were posted. No surprise that the some of the stock apps are quite different from what we have in other Nokia phones from the rest of the world. Anyways, what is interesting here is you can actually try these apps on your Nokia android smartphone. The list includes app like Calendar, File Manager, Contacts, Dialer, etc. Mind you that these Chinese versions are not a replacement to your current Nokia stock apps, it just adds a fun factor to your Nokia device.

You can download all those APKs just by clicking on this link.

Do remember downloading APKs outside the Google play store is always risky. Anyways, if you are a tech savvy you definitely want to give it a try.

Thanks Ayaan for the tip, cheers!

Image: XDA Developers

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