Build 10052Microsoft has just released Build 10052 with OS version 8.10.12534.59 to Windows Insiders. We installed it on our Lumia 525 and Lumia 925 and here are our first impressions of the build.

Build 10052 impressions:

  • Much more stable and polished than Build 10051
  • Navigation is more fluid and even action center expansion is effortless
  • Outlook Mail crashing bug (while trying to reply to a message) is gone
  • Outlook mail and Outlook calendar apps feel sorted out now
  • An Insider Hub app is present but doesn’t open on tapping and can be uninstalled
  • Data toggle bug is gone and Mobile data an be turned on and off from settings
  • Lumia Camera 5.5 is here as the new default Camera app and you can notice the difference. On both Lumia 925 and Lumia 525, it is really fastest Lumia camera app ever. The viewfinder bug is gone too.
  • Spartan also feels refreshed with better performance in terms of scrolling and panning of heavy webpages

Error 0x80070102:

This remains unresolved and won’t let Cortana listen to what you say as speech can’t have packs installed.

Build 10052 speechOther Build 10052 Bugs:

  • On Lumia 925, I am getting “couldn’t take screenshots” message, even when screenshots are getting captured and can be seen in Photos.

Do let us know about your experience with Build 10052 yet.