In the past, we’ve seen Tomi Ahonen continuously criticizing the Nokia’s struggling under Stephen’s rule, but this time its different. Tomi has written an interesting insight about Nokia and its history of phones. This includes some awesome World Firsts which many people don’t even know that they were invented by Nokia.

Here are some highlights, but the full article is worth a read

  • Over its lifetime Nokia has sold over 3.8 Billion Nokia branded handsets. That’s more than half of the world’s total population.
  • In 2011, there were 1.4 Billion Nokia branded phones in use on the planet. No other brand comes close. Leaving electronics, Coca-Cola, the world famous soft drink brand has not had more than 1 billion customers.
  • Nokia phones are used in many areas of Africa where there’s no electricity.  Yes, Nokias have an awesome battery backup which can last for over a month with some phones.
  • Calling people? In one case of four, the phone number would be a mobile number, ringing on a Nokia-branded mobile phone. The slogan “Connecting People” suits Nokia entirely.
  • The first SMS text message from a mobile phone to a mobile phone – that was sent in Finland by Nokia employee Riku Pihkonen, on a Nokia handset.
  • The 9000 Communicator featured the first ‘giant’ screen for a phone
  • The 9210 Communciator had the first color screen for a smartphone
  • Nokia sold the E90 Communicator with 4-inch display around an year before Apple made its first iPhone with 3.5-inch display.
  • The first colored removable phone covers were introduced by Nokia
  • Gran Vals by Tarrega is better known as the ‘Nokia Tune’ and is the Most played, most recognized song on the planet.
  • Nokia published the world’s first white paper on the mobile internet.
  • Nokia invited their biggest rivals, Motorola, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Ericsson, etc by calling them to use, design and develop Symbian.
  • Nokia was the first to put a videogame on a phone as pre-installed software and the game is ‘Snakes’. Snakes also became the first game in the world to have over 1 billion players.
  • Nokia invented the smartphone which was the Communicator 9000.
  • Nokia was the first to offer a phone with WiFi receiver.
  • Nokia invented the full QWERTY keyboard for phones
  • Nokia has won almost every year the Greenpeace award for most green handset manufacturing and packaging. ♥ Earth
  • By 2006 Nokia had become the world’s most used camera brand.
  • Nokia innovated and delivered ever more astounding cameraphone innovations, from the first megapixel cameraphone to the first true optical zoom to the first true Xenon flash to the massive 41 megapixel camera sensor on the 808 Pureview.
  • Nokia’s revolutionary N93 was the first cameraphone that shot DVD quality video
  • Nokia Money was mobile payments solution on Nokia phones that soon took second place in the India mobile money market, but sadly was discontinued by Stephen.

There’s lot of more and interesting facts about Nokia summed into that long article. Get some popcorn and you’ll like the read.

Source – Requiem for Nokia Phones – World’s most widely used brand and Europe’s most admired tech company