Interestingly enough while Facebook is working on a feature that puts equal emphasis on something without the pound sign(#) appearing on screen, Twitter is doing the opposite, putting greater emphasis on the word ‘hashtag’. The social media giant is working on a feature that will let you choose between pronouncing “#” as “hashtag” instead of the “pound sign” and default settings. When the official roll-out begins you will find out the option to enable or disable the feature in Twitter Accessibility settings. 

With the feature enabled, things might get messy when you want to add many hashtags in a tweet. Keeping the word limit in mind, even if it is as much much as 280 characters, a hashtag is seven characters which might just eat-up your original thought that you intend to express. Though we are not sure about if the company counts ”hashtag” as a set of seven characters.

What do you think about hashtags? Who do you think makes more sense, Facebook or Twitter? Do let us know in the comments section below.