There is simply no room to argue on the omnipresence of ‘Hashtags’ on the social media platforms. A Google developer, Chris Messina back in 2007 for the first time used the ‘Hashtag’ on Twitter and now the rest is history. Now for the first time ever we are about to witness a major overhaul of how we use them.

The Facebook-owned company, Instagram is reportedly testing a feature that will enable users to add Hashtags without including them in post captions. So basically, there is no need to look for the ‘Hashtag’ key on your keyboard in order to make them appear in the caption. If you take a closer look at the above picture you will notice that there is a new control function called ‘Add Hashtags’. You will be able to use as many ‘Hashtags’ as you want by using the new control option. As of now, there is no information on the availability but as soon as we get to know more we promise to get you informed.