01dee107-6d67-4913-ba21-4183b1b7b99aAs the title says, it can be recommended for its high-quality graphics alone. It is certainly one of most beautiful games created for Windows Phone and it is exclusive to the platform. We are talking about “The Lost War”, a fantasy action shooter game from developers “SwanAngel”.

Coming to the gameplay, it is really an engaging experience and one can really feel its impact on a larger display, intact larger the better!! The controls may though feel slow at times and may take one or two updates to finally optimize.

The game costs $1.49 but comes with a trial option.


The Lost War is beautiful fantasy action shooter game where you take control of advanced robot and move freely through massive environments to blow up enemies.
The game supports large diverse game environments with 3D quality graphics and excellent drawing distance, 3D quality sound system, futuristic weapons and huge boss battles.

*Live tiles support
*Use headphones for the best sound experience
*Graphics intensive game, beware of overheating
*For Low-End devices, it is recommended to play on “Low” in the Graphics settings

Install link

Thanks Shon for the tip. Cheers!!