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Nokia may have already shipped more than 3 million Lumias in April. Adduplex data reveals one more high-end device!!

Adduplex's latest data for the Month of April is out and we can see following devices posting % points increase in market share over Q4 (March), Lumia 520- 4.4 Lumia 720- 1.7 Lumia 620- 1.1 Lumia 822-1 Lumia 505- 3 Which is about 11.2 % increase over March data (Shown below) for these devices. Including the skew

Real or Fake: Leaked Screenshot shows “Instagram” application at Windows Phone store.

The Instagram saga is never-ending it seems :P. Now a screenshot has been tweeted by a newly created Twitter account @anontechleaks. This screenshot shows "Instagram" application for Windows phone devices present in its full glory at Windows Phone store. If this is real, then one can easily relate Nokia releasing application  #2instawithlove with creating

A bug in “Nokia App highlights” reveals unreleased applications from Nokia and Microsoft. Video demo.

Sometimes a bug in an application can be so helpful for us bloggers ;). In case of "Nokia App highlights" it has revealed a list of many unreleased applications for Lumia devices from both Nokia and Microsoft. has been able to quickly download and test these application using some developer's

MS working on WP7.8 live tiles fix. Skype integration and “Other” storage issue fix coming with updates.

Joe Belfiore from MS, has been tweeting about many issues fixes and upcoming stuff about Windows Phone on his Twitter account. In one of his tweets, he confirms MS identifying and working on "Live Tiles not updating" issue post WP7.8 update.     Another tweet is about improvement coming in future updates for "other storage"

App news: Nokia Music updated. Bluetooth Share and Camera Extras available for WP7.8 devices.

Nokia has recently announced Nokia Music+,  a premium music service with really cool pricing. Now, Nokia Music has been updated with Nokia Music+ and carrier billing support as well. If you remember, Nokia Music on Symbian devices already supports carrier billing. Great to see it reaching to Lumia devices as