Adduplex’s latest data for the Month of April is out and we can see following devices posting % points increase in market share over Q4 (March),

Lumia 520- 4.4

Lumia 720- 1.7

Lumia 620- 1.1

Lumia 822-1

Lumia 505- 3

Which is about 11.2 % increase over March data (Shown below) for these devices. Including the skew of about 30% towards WP8 devices, this 11.2 % increase should be taken as 8.7%.


Now, assuming 3.5 million sold WP devices are not in active use now, total no. of active WP devices till Q1 2013 is about 25 million. For the sake of calculation, let us assume only 2 million devices were sold in April (conservative), then total no. of WP devices till April = 27 million.

Hence, net number of above listed devices sold in April = 27*8.7/100 = 2.35 million. Now if we add Lumia 920, Lumia 820 sales numbers which may easily be around 0.65 million worldwide, we get a figure close to 3 million new devices added in April only.

Keep in mind this figure is very realistic as we have already,

Considered 3.5 million devices sold are not active now.

Skew of 30% towards WP8 devices taken into account while doing calculations.

Other highlights of the latest Adduplex report are Lumia 920 decreasing in overall share from 14 to 13.1% due to impact of Lumia 520, 505 and 720, but still increasing its lead over Lumia 800 whose share shrieked to 11% from 14% in April (some skew in work here as well).

Also seems, two more high-end device with 1280×768 resolution are disclosed. One of them is earlier reported RM-910 and another one is RM-875. So we have now five high-end devices with WXGA resolution being tested by Nokia. Exciting times ahead :).

  • Nokia RM-910 – seen a few times in Vietnam. WXGA screen;
  • Nokia RM-875 – seen mostly in Finland, but some other places too. WXGA screen

We will bring more of Adduplex report, when it is finally published on their blog tomorrow!!

Thanks dojobi for the Tip. Cheers!!